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 WATER ACTIVATOR is a device which is very easy to install on mixers or water pipes and which changes the structure of the ordinary water, making it similar to the structure of rainwater or melt-water.

     A human’s body contains 70% of water. Therefore, the QUALITY OF WATER influences not only the state of individual organs, but also the HEALTH OF THE BODY as a whole.

     It is very important to CONSTANTLY replace the water withdrawn from the body with other water passed through the magnetic treatment, which has the structure of RAINWATER or MELT-WATER.

The water after the magnetic treatment is soft, very tasty, thirst-quenching, with the correct acid-alkaline balance (pH = 7,1 — 7,5).  At the same time, it is a STRONG ANTIOXIDANT, and this already prevents ONCOLOGICAL diseases.

The use of activated water improves the condition of the body within a week!
Doctors don’t speak about it!

  Using an Activator allows getting natural healing properties of the water at home.

The water after magnetic treatment gets:

1. The antioxidant, immune-stimulating, detoxifying properties.
2. It normalizes metabolic processes and stimulates tissue regeneration.
3. It improves trophic processes and blood circulation in the tissues.
4. Enhances the detoxifying function of the liver.
5. Normalizes the energy potential of the cells.
6. Improves energy supply of cells by stimulation and maximum conjunction of respiration and oxidative phosphorylation processes.
7. Accelerates bioprocesses of the organism, lowers the blood pressure.
8. Improves appetite, metabolism, passage of food, overall well-being.
9. Heals various wounds, incl. stomach ulcers and duodenal ulcers, bedsores, trophic ulcers, burns.
10. It softens the skin, eliminates dandruff, and makes hair silky.

     The exceptional properties of the water which has passed through the magnetic field have been studied and proven by the world’s largest research centres.

Preparation of activated water for household needs

 Activated water has a number of special properties that are manifested in the human body organs, after the water is absorbed by the body.

1. It turned out that drinking of the magnetized water increases the excretion of urine, and normalizes the blood pressure, changes the pharmacological effect of a number of medical drugs, as well as normalizes the bowel and blood system, slows the aging of the skin, hair loss, and normalizes the weight.
2. The studies have shown that the magnetized water helps to release the small stones from the kidneys, stimulates the regeneration of tissues, helps to reduce the amount of toxins, strengthens the immune system and lowers the cholesterol level.
3. Blood is composed of 98% water. It supplies the body tissue with oxygen and nutrients and takes away waste accumulating in them — this is one more reason to use this water.

     2. When washing laundry with an Activator, you need less harmful and allergenic detergents. You don’t need CALGON and water softeners. Activated water is softer than tap water so magnetization can result in significant savings in detergent and soap use. It also helps prevent deposits on cutlery and glasses washed in a dish washer. (more in the section «LAUNDRY WASHING»).

     3. Processing of the alcoholic beverages with an Activator makes them more «soft», improves the taste. Hangover from such alcohol is less. (More in the section «ALCOHOL»)

     4. Watering plants with such water improves the growth of the over-ground and root parts. It increases yield and disease resistance. It reduces the need for fertilizers (for more details refer the section «PLANTS WATERING»).


The price includes the deliver by post.

     If you all of sudden decide that you do not like the Activators, you can return them within 90 days (see «RETURN»)

Lifetime of a water Activator is at least 15 years.

We manufacture and sell since 2008


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Clinical trials:

1. The therapeutic effect was revealed in the treatment of gastritis, gastric ulcers, haemorrhoids, ringworm, eczema, prostate cancer and chronic prostatitis, tonsillitis, bronchitis, chronic pyelonephritis, chronic hepatitis, viral hepatitis, deforming arthritis, etc. (S.A. Alehin 1997 et al.).
2. A number of other therapeutic effects of magneto-activated water solutions has been determined, and the studies of their effects on the cardiovascular system, blood and blood formation system go on (A.S. Nikitsky, L.I. Trukhachev), CNS (E.A. Semenova, E.D.Sabitova).
3. On the motion system (N.M. Parfyonov, J.N. Gostev)
4. On the genitourinary system and water-salt metabolism (Y.A. Levchenko, A.L. Fateev)
5. On the system of digestion, respiration (A.S. Nikitsky)
6. Organs of reproduction (A.D. Brezdynyuk)
7. On the state of the dental system (D.A. Kunin, J.N. Krinitsyna, N.V. Skuryatin)
8. In the treatment of surgical diseases (P.I. Koshelev, A.A. Gridin)

Read more in the section «HEALTH»