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    A human’s body contains 70% of water. Therefore, the QUALITY OF WATER influences not only the state of individual organs, but also the HEALTH OF THE BODY as a whole.

 WATER ACTIVATOR is a device which is very easy to install on mixers or water pipes and which changes the structure of the ordinary water, making it similar to the structure of rainwater or melt-water.

     It is very important to CONSTANTLY replace the water withdrawn from the body with other water passed through the magnetic treatment, which has the structure of RAINWATER or MELT-WATER.

The water after the magnetic treatment is soft, very tasty, thirst-quenching, with the correct acid-alkaline balance (pH = 7,1 — 7,5).  At the same time, it is a STRONG ANTIOXIDANT, and this already prevents ONCOLOGICAL diseases.

The use of activated water improves the condition of the body within a week!
Doctors don’t speak about it!

  Using an Activator allows getting natural healing properties of the water at home.

The water after magnetic treatment gets:

1. The antioxidant, immune-stimulating, detoxifying properties.
2. It normalizes metabolic processes and stimulates tissue regeneration.
3. It improves trophic processes and blood circulation in the tissues.
4. Enhances the detoxifying function of the liver.
5. Normalizes the energy potential of the cells.
6. Improves energy supply of cells by stimulation and maximum conjunction of respiration and oxidative phosphorylation processes.
7. Accelerates bioprocesses of the organism, lowers the blood pressure.
8. Improves appetite, metabolism, passage of food, overall well-being.
9. Heals various wounds, incl. stomach ulcers and duodenal ulcers, bedsores, trophic ulcers, burns.
10. It softens the skin, eliminates dandruff, and makes hair silky.

     The exceptional properties of the water which has passed through the magnetic field have been studied and proven by the world’s largest research centres.

Preparation of activated water for household needs

 Activated water has a number of special properties that are manifested in the human body organs, after the water is absorbed by the body.

1. It turned out that drinking of the magnetized water increases the excretion of urine, and normalizes the blood pressure, changes the pharmacological effect of a number of medical drugs, as well as normalizes the bowel and blood system, slows the aging of the skin, hair loss, and normalizes the weight.
2. The studies have shown that the magnetized water helps to release the small stones from the kidneys, stimulates the regeneration of tissues, helps to reduce the amount of toxins, strengthens the immune system and lowers the cholesterol level.
3. Blood is composed of 98% water. It supplies the body tissue with oxygen and nutrients and takes away waste accumulating in them — this is one more reason to use this water.

     2. When washing laundry with an Activator, you need less harmful and allergenic detergents. You don’t need CALGON and water softeners. Activated water is softer than tap water so magnetization can result in significant savings in detergent and soap use. It also helps prevent deposits on cutlery and glasses washed in a dish washer. (more in the section «LAUNDRY WASHING»).

     3. Processing of the alcoholic beverages with an Activator makes them more «soft», improves the taste. Hangover from such alcohol is less. (More in the section «ALCOHOL»)

     4. Watering plants with such water improves the growth of the over-ground and root parts. It increases yield and disease resistance. It reduces the need for fertilizers (for more details refer the section «PLANTS WATERING»).


The price includes the deliver by post.

     If you all of sudden decide that you do not like the Activators, you can return them within 90 days (see «RETURN»)

Lifetime of a water Activator is at least 15 years.

We manufacture and sell since 2008


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Clinical trials:

1. The therapeutic effect was revealed in the treatment of gastritis, gastric ulcers, haemorrhoids, ringworm, eczema, prostate cancer and chronic prostatitis, tonsillitis, bronchitis, chronic pyelonephritis, chronic hepatitis, viral hepatitis, deforming arthritis, etc. (S.A. Alehin 1997 et al.).
2. A number of other therapeutic effects of magneto-activated water solutions has been determined, and the studies of their effects on the cardiovascular system, blood and blood formation system go on (A.S. Nikitsky, L.I. Trukhachev), CNS (E.A. Semenova, E.D.Sabitova).
3. On the motion system (N.M. Parfyonov, J.N. Gostev)
4. On the genitourinary system and water-salt metabolism (Y.A. Levchenko, A.L. Fateev)
5. On the system of digestion, respiration (A.S. Nikitsky)
6. Organs of reproduction (A.D. Brezdynyuk)
7. On the state of the dental system (D.A. Kunin, J.N. Krinitsyna, N.V. Skuryatin)
8. In the treatment of surgical diseases (P.I. Koshelev, A.A. Gridin)

Read more in the section «HEALTH»

Five important reasons why the activator of water required for each:
1. Activated water is a ready-made natural material for human cells. Why drink just water and make all the systems of the body hard to work on its processing, while wasting a lot of much-needed energy. Do you find it hard to drink the daily amount of water recommended by nutritionists? You will need much less activated water!
2. Activated water contributes to the daily protection of your immunity from viruses and the development of cancer cells in the body. Long-term researches of scientists proved it. Have you always trusted vitamins and antioxidants? Remember, the effectiveness of their absorption depends on the filling of your cells with water.
3. Activated water-protects your brain cells from destruction.
Our brain is 90 % water. The slightest «thirst» of brain cells leads to neurological disorders. Know, the real aging is the death of nerve cells in the brain because of their poor regeneration!
4. Activated water is an important factor for regular cleaning of toxins at a deep cellular level. The food of modern man and the environment do not leave us many chances to be healthy initially.
5. Activated water is a real chance for healthy longevity.
Restoration of cells and information links between them will determine their constant healthy division.
Health benefits of activated water
Water is the most powerful and vital component that provides the body with the ability to maintain health and prevent its deterioration. But this happens only if the quality, composition and structure of the water meet the requirements of our body

The benefits of water for human health

Water is a necessary component for the existence of any living organism. The human body is 65-70% water. As some scientists joke, a man is only a means of moving water. But jokes are jokes, and the facts say that to maintain health a person needs to drink at least 2 liters of liquid per day. Why do we need so much water?

Toxin withdrawal

The human body is constantly exposed to many toxic substances. Industrial evaporation, not the most useful food, car exhaust-it is only a small part of those harmful substances that our body regularly have to deal with. The fact is that the very activity of the human body is not a waste – free production. In the process of digestion, for example, so many toxic substances are produced that without their timely removal, self-poisoning occurs. Fortunately, if you have enough water, our kidneys successfully cope with the task and together with the urine removed from the body «production waste». By the way, another important body of detoxification – the liver – also can not fully function without water. So, if you want to regularly clean your body from harmful substances, drink water!

Universal solvent

All the many chemical reactions that ensure our lives, takes place only in the presence of water. All substances exist in the body only in the form of solutions. Building muscles, bones, skin, restoration of damaged tissues, synthesis of hormones, enzymes, mediators – all this requires water.

The health of the heart and blood vessels

Oddly enough, water can be called one of the means of prevention of atherosclerosis and all its complications. When we drink enough water, the blood gets a good breeding, which prevents the formation of atherosclerotic plaques, and therefore reduces the risk of vascular accidents such as heart attack and stroke.

The flexibility and mobility of joints

Each joint has a joint fluid-a kind of lubricant, through which the joint surfaces slide easily. Lack of fluid in the body leads to changes in the joint fluid, its thickening. The joint moves with difficulty, limiting our activity and creating many unnecessary problems.

Nutrition of body tissues

Blood is the main Transporter of oxygen and nutrients to the body tissues. If we drink little liquid, the blood thickens and in this state is already difficult to penetrate into the smallest vessels-arterioles and capillaries, which actually give organs and tissues all that they need for life. In addition, the very absorption of nutrients and oxygen in the tissues needs a lot of water.


Water is an essential element for the normal functioning of the digestive system. With its help, digestion of food takes place, it dilutes it, besides, in the final part of the intestine there should be enough liquid to bring out all unnecessary.
If you suffer from constipation, pay attention to your drinking regime. Do you drink enough water? Perhaps before resorting to treatment with laxatives, it will be enough to simply increase the amount of fluid consumed.

Immunity and water

Water supports the immune system. First, the immune bodies are carried through the body with blood, and we have already found out how difficult it is for thick blood to get into the lumen of small vessels. Second, the very formation of the cells of the immune system needs fluids. Third, poisoning of the body, which occurs due to lack of urine and inadequate removal of unnecessary substances with a chair, suppresses the immune system. Conclusion: if you want to get sick less, drink more water.

Water is the regulator of body temperature

When you do sports or the ambient temperature is off-scale, the body is protected from overheating by perspiration. Sweat evaporates from the surface of the skin and thus cools the body. By the way, do not forget that sweat is another means of removing toxins. Give your body the opportunity to sweat – it is necessary. And for this drink water.

Water-a faithful assistant for slimming

If you decide to lose weight, go on a diet and do sports, do not forget about the water. Water is a good fat burning stimulant. Of course, for weight loss you will need to work hard – run, go Cycling or fitness, visit the gym. However, the effectiveness of your training will increase significantly if you drink enough water.

The brain also needs water

Headaches, weakness, loss of intellectual efficiency – that’s what can be expected of the holder of the dehydrated body. Carrying out nerve impulses, complex chemical reactions taking place in the Central nervous system, the delivery of oxygen to the brain – all this also requires water.

Support the beauty of the skin

How nice to have supple elastic skin! Of course, to maintain the beauty of the skin, we regularly use a variety of cosmetics, visit cosmetologists, but let’s not forget about the importance of water. The use of water in the necessary volumes will provide our skin with moisture, improve the processes of collagen formation, accelerate recovery, help in the fight against premature aging of the skin.

How to drink your body?

1.The rate of water consumption for a person-2 liters of water per day. This standard is relevant for a person with a body weight of 65-70 kg. If you are much larger, then calculate your daily requirement yourself, given that for each kilogram of weight you will need 30 g of water. Example: you weigh 90 kg. 90×30=2700 ml of water.

2.Start your morning not with a Cup of coffee, but with a glass of clean water. So you will help the body to Wake up, the brain to earn in full force, and the intestines and stomach digest Breakfast.

3.Even if you are a very busy person, do not forget that you need to fulfill your water consumption standard. This plan can be exceeded – healthy kidneys will easily cope with some excess fluid. Can not break away from the computer, and the phone is constantly ringing, requiring urgent solutions to new problems? Then stock up on water in advance and put it on the desktop. You do not have to go anywhere, and the very presence of water among the important papers will remind you of the needs of your body in the liquid.

4.If you lead an active lifestyle and do sports, remember that your body needs even more water – because a large part of it is lost with sweat and rapid breathing. Add to that minimum 2 liters of at least 2 cups.

5.During the disease, especially accompanied by an increase in body temperature, you really need a lot of water. Remember that in this situation water is one of the most important medicines. Bacteria or viruses that are raging in your body emit a huge amount of toxins, so you barely walk and the whole body is aching. To remove all this ugliness from the body, drink more liquid. If you do not want to eat – do not eat, the reserves of nutrients in your body will last for a few days. But make yourself drink. Can’t drink water, drink tea with lemon, juice, juice, chicken soup is what you like. Do not help the bacteria to defeat you, better help your kidneys to work normally.

6.In conditions of dry air, increase water consumption – in such conditions, your body loses a lot of fluid with breathing and sweating. Example: in the cabin is very dry air, so flight attendants so often offer passengers water, juice or tea.

7.Some diseases require us to limit the use of water. If kidney function is impaired, the heart can not cope with their work, and swelling on the legs, it is, of course, a reason to listen to the doctor’s recommendations regarding diet and limited drinking regime.

8.Choose the right water to drink. Of course, go and boiled water, but this water is «dead», and besides tasteless – you do not drink much. Buy bottled water, and even better, if you have the opportunity to regularly stock up on water from natural sources. It is a pleasure to drink such water. However, remember that in the spring, when the snow melts intensively, even water from a natural source can be dangerous, since there is a high probability of contamination with the content of a large number of pathogenic bacteria that cause intestinal disorder.

9.Drink water all day long. Do not follow the daily plan in one sitting – if you manage to drink half of your daily water for a couple of minutes, then after an hour and a half the kidneys will bring the liquid out, and your body will soon again suffer from lack of water.

Drink water, maintain your health!