Anti-diabetic effect of Activated Water

     Diabetes mellitus is mainly classified into two types: type 1 insulin dependent diabetes mellitus and type 2 non-insulin dependent diabetes mellitus. Type 1 diabetes mellitus is caused by insulin deficiency due to the oxidative damage of pancreatic β cells attacked by immune cells. Type 2 diabetes mellitus is also strongly associated with the oxidative damage of myotube and adipocyte cells due to stress, hyperphagia, and lack of exercise.

     It has been reported that in 45% of 411 type 2 diabetes patients (mean age, 71.5 years) who drank 2 L of Activated Water per day, blood glucose and HbA1c levels were significantly decreased after drinking this water for 6 days.

     Additionally, blood cholesterol, low density lipoprotein (LDL), and creatinine levels were significantly decreased and high density lipoprotein levels were significantly increased. Drinking this Activated Water for a longer period resulted in an increase in the percentage of patients who improved ( Gadek, Hamasaki, & Shirahata, 2009; Gadek, Li, & Shirahata, 2006 ).

     In an open clinical test performed at the First Central Hospital in Jilin Cangchun City in China, 65 patients with diabetes and 50 patients with hyperlipidemia drank 2 L of Activated Water per day for 2 months. This resulted in a significant decrease in blood sugar levels in 89% of patients with diabetes. Additionally, blood triglyceride and total cholesterol levels in 92% of patients with hyperlipidemia were significantly decreased ( Osada et al. , 2010 ).

     Furthermore, a double-blind random clinical trial for 29 patients with type 2 diabetes was performed at the Fukuoka Tokusyukai Hospital, Fukuoka city, Japan. Urinary 8-OH dG (an internal oxidation marker) levels of patients who drank 1 L of Activated Water per day for 6 months were significantly decreased ( Matsubayashi, Hisamoto, Murao, & Hara, 2008 ).

     In addition, in a double-blind clinical trial with 100 subjects performed at Hiroshima University from November 2008 to September 2009, when 2 L of Activated Water was drunk a day, it was found to have anti-metabolic syndrome effects such as a significant decrease in starved blood sugar levels, blood pressure, total cholesterol, LDL cholesterol, GOT, γ-GTP, and triglyceride levels, arteriosclerosis index, and uric acid levels, and a significant increase in leptin levels, as well as improvement of constipation ( Higashikawa, Kuriya, Noda, & Sugiyama, 2009 ).

In the clinical trial, it was suggested that drinking 2 L of Activated Water per day itself was beneficial for health.

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Water in the treatment of diabetes

Water in type 2 diabetes can help normalize failures in certain functions of the body, if you know how to use it correctly. This is evidenced by the numerous reviews of doctors and patients themselves, who have already managed to cope with their problem. There is a lot of information about the benefits, but how much water to drink and how to use it for treatment?

Mechanism of action
The usefulness of water consumption from type 2 diabetes is explained by the mechanism of exposure of individual substances on the patient’s body. The composition of all the water is divided into several types. It may contain hydrogen, carbon, various mineral salts.
Practice shows that the most useful benefits for type 2 diabetics mineral water with lots of hydrogen. All its components will gradually normalize the production of insulin and thereby restore the functions of the organs. Salts of magnesium, calcium, phosphorus and fluorine have a beneficial effect on the pancreas. As a result, this body begins to produce less insulin, whereby the sugar level drops.
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As a result of water treatment of type 2 diabetes, normal liver function and water balance in the body are restored. Cholesterol is reduced, which has a positive effect on the figure and overall health. But with all this it should be remembered that the excessive amount of consumed water can lead to heartburn, bloating and flatulence. The culprit-gas bubbles that do not always have time to collapse in a timely manner in the intestine.

How to use
To cure diabetes of any type or at least relieve the symptoms of this insidious disease, you should know the basic rules of the use of mineral or spring water in food:
* 1-before you start treatment with mineral water of diabetes, you should consult a specialist. The fact that carbonated water is recommended to drink without fanaticism. Because excess salts useful in the body of a diabetic can lead to negative consequences. The doctor will tell you what dosage in a particular case is considered the maximum allowable. It will need to be strictly adhered to.
* 2-treatment diabetes living and the dead water — very serious attractive opportunity. Therefore, it is better if the process is controlled by a specialist. Especially if we are talking about the purchase water. This “dead” water contains more salts than the usual spring, so it has a stronger impact on the body.
* 3-in General, experts advise to be treated with such store waters as Essentuki, Mirgorod, Pyatigorsk, Borjomi. For each specific water is determined by the individual dosage depending on the amount of dissolved substances in it.
* 4 – it should be noted that table mineral water. Unlike other liquids, the amount of salt in it is much lower, so this water can be used even for cooking. This diabetic too should not be curtailed, as it has no side effects on the body.
If you take into consideration all of the above recommendations, the mineral water in diabetes mellitus type 2 would bring only benefit and will not give side effects. Knowledge of the sense of proportion-this is the main key that will help to recover with the help of purchased water.

In what dosages to use
Separately, we will focus on what dosages and when it should drink mineral water for the treatment of diabetes. Here, in many ways, it all depends on the presence or absence of complications of the disease, the General state of health and the state of the gastrointestinal tract. The rules are as follows:
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* 1-ideally, mineral water is drunk about half an hour before meals. This should be done up to 3 times a day. But this is only when the stomach is completely healthy. If there are any deviations in its operation, the drinking regime should be adjusted.
* 2 – If the acidity of the stomach is increased, you should drink water about 1.5 hours before eating. At low acidity, on the contrary, this time is reduced to 10-15 minutes. If the acidity of the stomach as a whole is normal, then the interval of 30-40 minutes is maintained.
* 3-Drink liquid in the first 2 days of treatment should not exceed 100 ml per day. Then the amount of fluid gradually increased to 250 ml For those suffering from type II diabetes in adolescents, the volume can be increased only up to 150 ml.
* 4-with regard to individual cases of increased consumption of mineral water, it is permissible only in the absence of contraindications. The daily rate should not exceed 400 ml. So “dead” mineral water from the store or pharmacy will not harm the body.
* 5-but spring water can be used even in large quantities. And it is best to drink it right at the source. During transportation, the liquid may lose some useful components, and the container may not be perfectly clean. Drinking at the spring contributes not only to its better assimilation, but also to the normalization of the emotional background of a diabetic.

All of these recommendations regarding dosages should also be previously agreed with the doctor. With special attention to this should be taken by patients suffering from stomach ulcers or who have undergone severe operations. Here is a question about the dosages must stand separately.
Things to consider

Therapeutic hydrogen water will be more effective if you take into account its temperature during use.
Experts say that it may well replace the use of coffee, tea, all kinds of cocktails and even juices. But this is provided that the treatment is carried out correctly. Recommendations are as follows:

* 1-water consumed by a diabetic throughout the day should be slightly warm. This is the effectiveness of treatment. Clean warm water as a thirst quencher between meals and during meals. Contrary to the opinion of doctors that it is harmful to drink while eating, with diabetes it is quite acceptable if we are talking about a little warmed weakly concentrated mineral table water.
* 2 – When type 2 diabetes is completely unacceptable drinking very hot or, conversely, cold water. The low temperature of the liquid can lead to stomach spasm, and the hot will certainly cause the patient’s improper digestion in the future.
* 3-as for spring water, it is usually cold in itself-sometimes even almost icy. It is recommended to drink it in its original form, but do it in small SIPS. If the patient has problems with the throat, you can pour water into a glass vessel, wait until it becomes a little warmer in the air, and then drink.

Temperature regime is an important component of proper use of mineral water in diabetes. Hydrogen water for the treatment of diabetes is suitable only when it has the appropriate temperature. Otherwise, it may lead to undesirable consequences.

Gastric lavage
How useful is alkaline water? She can even get her stomach pumped. Hydrogen water from diabetes can be prescribed by doctors and in the form of enemas. But this does not apply to all patients, and in most cases only those who have certain complications. How are enema with this water and what makes this treatment?
If the patient has, in addition to diabetes, also ketoacidosis or pronounced problems in the gastrointestinal tract, then periodically prescribed gastric lavage in the form of enemas. The amount of fluid injected into the rectum directly depends on the weight of the patient and the food they eat. Also enemas mineral water are widely used in poisoning and intoxication.

Duodenal tube-a kind of method of gastric lavage, when the patient is allowed to drink on an empty stomach immediately a glass of mineral water, where diluted in the desired concentration of sulfuric magnesium.
Immediately after that, about 150 ml of pure mineral water is drunk. After such a drink, the patient is usually put on one side, and a warm warmer is applied to the liver area. So it is necessary to lie about two hours. Such a simple, but at the same time effective treatment helps to eliminate mucus, leukocytes and pathogens from the body along with bile, resulting in reduced inflammatory processes.
Bath treatment
How effective is the treatment of diabetes mineral water, if you use it externally? Increasingly popular through mineral baths, which are an excellent addition to the use of mineral water inside. Let’s focus on the main features of taking such baths:

* 1-Mineral baths-a great alternative to ingestion in case of disorders of the digestive system. Systematic baths contribute to the normalization of the secretion of the pancreas, as a result, the sugar level gradually returns to normal.
* 2-in mild forms of diabetes, doctors advise not to take hot, but warm baths, the temperature of which is not more than 38°C. this will be enough to normalize the function of the pancreas.
* 3-If we are talking about more complex forms of diabetes, the temperature of the mineral bath should be even lower – only about 33°C. as for the amount of water in this case, this issue should be discussed with a specialist.
* 4-hydrogen water, radon and hydrogen sulfide are Best suited for the bath. The duration of one procedure is about 15 minutes, and the number of sessions that need to be passed — 10. At the same time take a bath should be only 4 times a week, but not more often.
* 5-bath should be Taken only between meals. It is impossible to do it directly before or after a meal as it will not give benefit. It is also not recommended to lie in the bathroom too excited or, conversely, exhausted. Well-being during the bath should be normal.