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Getting healthy and strong plants in the coming weeks with the help of watering with activated water.

     The water, after passing through the magnetic fields of the Activator, acquires a structure similar to the structure of melt-water or rain water.

Remember, how fresh and strong plants look after the rain!

     The main principle of the impact of such water on plants is that individual water molecules not linked with other molecules with intermolecular bonds, easily penetrates through the membrane of plant cells. A cell will easily include it in the structure of its cytoplasm (the internal environment of a living cell, except the nucleus), thus accelerating the cell regeneration.
     The water which has passed through the magnetic fields, prevents the formation of solid salt film and bubbles on plant roots, which promotes better uptake of minerals by plant roots.
     The employees of the University of Sofia have proven that this water increases by 70% the absorption of fertilizers by tomatoes. Obviously, when watering with such water, the transition of nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium and other substances into a more accessible form occurs and this is easier for digestion by plants. Thus, the need to use smaller amounts of fertilizers (as they are better absorbed) affects the sustainability of agricultural production.
     In the experiments of the University of Michigan (USA), the watering by the water which has been magnetically treated, provided the increase of the yield of cucumbers by 17 -37%, of tomatoes — by 32%, of radishes — up to 48%, of pea — by 28%, corn – by 17%.
     The most responsive to the activated water were moisture-loving plants — tomatoes and cucumbers.
     Steady growth has been stated on the fields of alfalfa, corn, wheat, peas, carrots, soy. So, alfalfa gave an increase by 52-77 centner/ha on the area of 1331 hectares, corn — 26 centner/ha of green mass on 1368 ha and 4.4 centner/ha of grain on 389 hectares”.
     It has been observed that the effect of each watering with the activated water is synergized. It was found out that the magnetic water is particularly appropriate to be used for watering of vegetables grown in greenhouses — it can significantly increase the yield.
     The use of such water during watering of cucumbers in greenhouses allowed for two weeks to extend the productive period of the plants, and the gain of the aboveground dry matter weight was 20%.
     When growing greenhouse seedling, the root system of cucumber in comparison with the controlled one gave the increase by 43% in dry weight of roots, suggesting undoubted impact and effectiveness of such watering on the plants.
     In addition to all, it turned out that the watering with the water, passed through the magnetic treatment, gives the best results by the low to moderate provision of the plants with the nutrients. And it is especially important, taking into account the today’s fertilizer prices.
     Another beneficial effect is that the plants watered with such water much later and to a lesser extent are subjected to diseases. A number of infected plants, for example, in the experiments with tomato seeding was two times less than on the control plot. This shows the impact of water, passed through the magnetic treatment, on the microbiological and other useful processes of the habitat of plants, on the strengthening of immunity of cultivated plants.
      Another interesting fact is that this water freezes at temperatures from minus 3 to minus 5 degrees, which can be used to protect plants from frost.
     Very clearly the impact of this water is shown at seedling cultivation: the germination of seeds, soaked in this water, is higher than of the control seeds. The shoots are friendlier and much stronger.


1. When watering the plants with water, passed through the magnetic treatment, the digestibility of fertilizer is greatly improved. Therefore less fertilizer is used, which leads to a more environmental friendliness of the grown products.
2. The separate water molecules which are not linked with other water molecules, better penetrate through the membrane of plant cells, which has a very beneficial effect on the processes of photosynthesis in plants. This speeds up their growth and increases productivity.
3. Since the water which has passed through the magnetic treatment, has got fungicidal (decontamination) properties, the plants are less susceptible to various plant diseases and grow stronger and healthier.

     This reduces the likelihood of use of various chemicals for fighting with the plant diseases. And this leads to a more environmentally friendly growth of the products.
     For getting the watering water, passed through the magnetic treatment, the Activator should be simply installed on the garden hose.