Why use Activated Water?

General Health Benefits of Activated Water

     Water, which makes up over 70% of our body composition, is the most influential and vital component that provides the body with the ability to maintain health and prevent its deterioration. This can only happen if the quality, content, and structure of the water meet the body’s requirements.

     After Activating your water with our Activator, the molecules line up resulting in reduced surface tension, reduced viscosity, increased dissolvability, increased permeability and increased oxygen content hence making nutrients more readily available to our body. Water is then said to be biologically “alive”.

     Due to the addition of chemicals and minerals to our water the general public is left to drink what we term «dead water». We can endlessly purify water trying to make it crystal clear but we will never be able to make it biologically active, or «alive».

     The invention water Activators allows us to correct the chaotic order of water molecules found in our water today. After activating, water becomes biologically active. After consuming Activated water, our body receives energy and becomes capable of fighting various diseases, of the presence of which we might not even suspect.

Drinking Activated water can benefit your health in the following ways:

1. Reduces acidity and helps regulate the body’s pH level.
2. Cleansing skin affected with acne, burns, ulcerated areas, boils and bedsores.
3. Influences the autonomic nervous system.
4. Beneficial for kidney ailments, gout, obesity and age-related illness.
5. Use as a basic therapy for chronic problems where acidosis is a contributing factor to the disease.
6. Promotes better digestion.
7. Aids in any general internal cleansing of the body.
8. Rinsing the eyes twice a day relieves the irritation of dry eyes and the need for artificial tears.
9. Used in Russian clinics to relieve pain, reduce swelling help to prevent kidney stones.
10. Dissipates toxic deposits within the body’s connective tissues.
11. Has a generalized therapeutic effect on the body, especially the digestive, nervous and urinary systems. Water

     Magnetized water is claimed to be energy-building, activating, cleansing and detoxifying. There are reports of people resolving bladder problems, recovering quickly from a stroke, alleviating arthritis pain and reducing blood pressure by drinking magnetized water.

     Researchers at the Medical University of South Carolina recently reported that cleaning the teeth with water from a magnetized Activator can reduce calculus formation by over 60 per cent and improve overall gum health

Benefits of magnetized (polarized) water / drinks:

Normalize blood pressure.
Eliminate the bad cholesterol and salt accumulated in the veins and arteries

Balancing the circulatory system. Prevent thrombosis.
Improve digestion (reduces excess bile in the digestive tract

Recommended to keep you free of discomfort and / or digestive conditions
Normalize bowel movement and relieve constipation.
Improved renal function and relieves urinary tract infections (dissolves kidney stones, removing the sand from the kidneys and bladder)
To strengthen the nervous system

Enhance the immune system.
Reduce inflammation and ease pain.
It is effective in the treatment of asthma, bronchitis, colds, coughs and fevers all
Enable detoxification processes.
Encourage energy, health and energy given to the person taking it regularly

Maintain the balance of the magnetic fields of the body.
Increase the elasticity of blood vessels.
Reduce excess acidity.
Can be consumed by the whole family, without exception age or health status.