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 WATER ACTIVATOR is a device which is very easy to install on mixers or water pipes and which changes the structure of the ordinary water, making it similar to the structure of rainwater or melt-water.

application of water activator

    A human’s body contains 70% of water. Therefore, the QUALITY OF WATER influences not only the state of individual organs, but also the HEALTH OF THE BODY as a whole.

     It is very important to CONSTANTLY replace the water withdrawn from the body with other water passed through the magnetic treatment, which has the structure of RAINWATER or MELT-WATER.

through the activator

The water after the magnetic treatment is soft, very tasty, thirst-quenching, with the correct acid-alkaline balance (pH = 7,1 — 7,5).  At the same time, it is a STRONG ANTIOXIDANT, and this already prevents ONCOLOGICAL diseases.

The use of activated water improves the condition of the body within a week!
Doctors don’t speak about it!

  Using an water Activator allows getting natural healing properties of the water at home.

The water after magnetic treatment gets:

1. The antioxidant, immune-stimulating, detoxifying properties.
2. It normalizes metabolic processes and stimulates tissue regeneration.
3. It improves trophic processes and blood circulation in the tissues.
4. Enhances the detoxifying function of the liver.
5. Normalizes the energy potential of the cells.
6. Improves energy supply of cells by stimulation and maximum conjunction of respiration and oxidative phosphorylation processes.
7. Accelerates bioprocesses of the organism, lowers the blood pressure.
8. Improves appetite, metabolism, passage of food, overall well-being.
9. Heals various wounds, incl. stomach ulcers and duodenal ulcers, bedsores, trophic ulcers, burns.
10. It softens the skin, eliminates dandruff, and makes hair silky.

     The exceptional properties of the water which has passed through the magnetic field have been studied and proven by the world’s largest research centres.

Preparation of activated water for household needs

 Activated water has a number of special properties that are manifested in the human body organs, after the water is absorbed by the body.

1. It turned out that drinking of the magnetized water increases the excretion of urine, and normalizes the blood pressure, changes the pharmacological effect of a number of medical drugs, as well as normalizes the bowel and blood system, slows the aging of the skin, hair loss, and normalizes the weight.
2. The studies have shown that the magnetized water helps to release the small stones from the kidneys, stimulates the regeneration of tissues, helps to reduce the amount of toxins, strengthens the immune system and lowers the cholesterol level.
3. Blood is composed of 98% water. It supplies the body tissue with oxygen and nutrients and takes away waste accumulating in them — this is one more reason to use this water.

at home

     2. When washing laundry with an water Activator, you need less harmful and allergenic detergents. You don’t need CALGON and water softeners. Activated water is softer than tap water so magnetization can result in significant savings in detergent and soap use. It also helps prevent deposits on cutlery and glasses washed in a dish washer. (more in the section «LAUNDRY WASHING»).

water for washing clothes

     3. Processing of the alcoholic beverages with an water  Activator makes them more «soft», improves the taste. Hangover from such alcohol is less. (More in the section «ALCOHOL»)

processing of alcoholic beverages

     4. Watering plants with such water improves the growth of the over-ground and root parts. It increases yield and disease resistance. It reduces the need for fertilizers (for more details refer the section «PLANTS WATERING»).

water treatment for plant irrigation


activator water

The price includes the deliver by post.

     If you all of sudden decide that you do not like the water Activators, you can return them within 90 days (see «RETURN»)


Lifetime of a water Activator is at least 15 years.

We manufacture and sell since 2008


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water science

Clinical trials:

1. The therapeutic effect was revealed in the treatment of gastritis, gastric ulcers, haemorrhoids, ringworm, eczema, prostate cancer and chronic prostatitis, tonsillitis, bronchitis, chronic pyelonephritis, chronic hepatitis, viral hepatitis, deforming arthritis, etc. (S.A. Alehin 1997 et al.).
2. A number of other therapeutic effects of magneto-activated water solutions has been determined, and the studies of their effects on the cardiovascular system, blood and blood formation system go on (A.S. Nikitsky, L.I. Trukhachev), CNS (E.A. Semenova, E.D.Sabitova).
3. On the motion system (N.M. Parfyonov, J.N. Gostev)
4. On the genitourinary system and water-salt metabolism (Y.A. Levchenko, A.L. Fateev)
5. On the system of digestion, respiration (A.S. Nikitsky)
6. Organs of reproduction (A.D. Brezdynyuk)
7. On the state of the dental system (D.A. Kunin, J.N. Krinitsyna, N.V. Skuryatin)
8. In the treatment of surgical diseases (P.I. Koshelev, A.A. Gridin)

Read more in the section «HEALTH»


The question of what is the benefit and harm, at first glance, may seem inappropriate. After all. Without this chemical compound, it is impossible to imagine the existence of a single living organism.

But what in what quantities it is better to drink, so as not to be damaged by the contaminated composition of life-giving moisture, it is especially important to understand today, in conditions of environmental deterioration.

Benefits of water for the body

The benefits of water for human health are undeniable. Because in 70% the body is composed of water, because of its deficiency, all biochemical processes are disrupted. This negatively affects well-being.

Improves digestion

For the normal functioning of the gastrointestinal organs, water is simply necessary. It has the properties of a solvent that helps to absorb various vitamins, salts, useful and nutritious elements.

Lack of water damages the stomach because it negatively affects the production of gastric juice, which is the cause of diseases such as bloating, constipation, obesity, ulcers and gastritis.

Advice! To accelerate the digestive processes, it is recommended to add lemon juice.
Improves hair and skin condition

Water nourishes skin moisture, prevents early aging and wrinkles. Due to the fact that water actively participates in the process of sweating, it cleanses the pores of impurities, makes the skin smooth, fresh and radiant.

Dehydration also causes damage to the hair. In the hair follicles there are no beneficial and nutritious elements. If you consume enough water, thanks to its beneficial properties, the hair will again get shine and elasticity.

Promotes weight loss drinking plenty of water contributes to weight loss. There are several explanations for this.

A glass of water during meals will allow to satiate smaller portions.
Water improves metabolism, starts metabolic processes.
The feeling of thirst can often be confused with the feeling of hunger-a glass of clean water will help tame the latter.

Removes toxins

The more liquid a person consumes, the more slag and toxins excreted from the body. This is because harmful substances leave it along with sweat and urine.

Relieves tension and fights fatigue
The harm of dehydration is that the person feels tired, sleepy and weak muscle. Often, even dizziness can occur.

All because the lack of water provokes a decrease in enzyme activity, the cells do not receive nutrition, and over time they die, as a result, the working capacity of a person decreases.

Improves blood circulation

Water is beneficial for blood circulation. Due to the maintenance of water balance, normal circulation and blood fluidity are maintained. Drinking plenty of water significantly reduces the risk of thrombosis, contributes to the proper functioning of blood vessels and heart, normalization of pressure.

Benefits of water activator for men and women

One of the main causes of aging is moisture loss. To prolong youth, keep the skin smooth and smooth, women need to drink high-quality and well-purified water. Dehydration causes colossal damage to the skin and is one of the key factors of premature aging.

The benefit of water for the body of women is to accelerate the metabolism, which is its useful property for losing weight.

For men, the benefits of drinking water are manifested in its ability to prevent the development of male diseases such as urolithiasis and bladder cancer. Men who drink more than 2L of water a day are less likely to experience these serious illnesses.

What happens to the body when dehydrated

Many sources claim the benefits of 2 liters of water activator per day. According to WHO, a person needs to drink 30 ml  per day for every 1 kg of weight. So, with a weight of 60 kg, the optimal and useful amount will be 7 — 8 glasses.

A dramatic increase in fluid consumption can cause harm and lead to worsening of chronic diseases. It is better to get used to this gradually, starting with 1-1.5 l of water per day.

Herbal teas and carbonated drinks do not have the properties of pure water. Due to the diuretic effect, they only increase dehydration. Compotes, fruit juices, milk and coffee serve as liquid food. It is important to remember that with chronic dehydration, the feeling of thirst is dulled. The body suffers from a lack of water, but the person does not notice the need to drink.

Advice! To get used to drinking plenty of water, you need to perceive it as a useful medicine and drink a certain amount strictly on a schedule.

It is good to drink water activator on an empty stomach

If you drink in the morning on an empty stomach, the benefits for all organs will be invaluable. Getting into the stomach that is not yet filled with food, water triggers metabolism and has a restorative effect.

Benefits of a glass in the morning on an empty stomach:

restoring water balance;
normalization of metabolism;
preparation of gastrointestinal organs for work;
removal of slags and toxins;
normalization of appetite.

You can drink water at night
There is no definitive answer to this question. Each person has individual characteristics. A glass of water before bedtime can provide benefits and harm.

Use of a glass at night

Water will help maintain water balance even while sleeping. A person does not feel thirsty at night, however, when breathing, part of the liquid evaporates. To reduce water activator the harm of dehydration, it is recommended to drink 100 — 150 ml of water 30 minutes before bedtime.

The harm of drinking before bedtime
bad dream;
high load on the kidneys;
swelling in the eye area;
frequent urination.
The cause of these problems can be diseases of the heart, kidneys and genitourinary system. For a healthy person, drinking water before bedtime can cause harm only in large quantities, so it is extremely important to observe moderation and not exceed the recommended daily volume.

What is better to drink

Tap water is unlikely to have beneficial properties. It is considered unsuitable for drinking and can cause significant harm, as it contains chlorine, heavy metals, bacteria and viruses that can remain in the water even after boiling. About what water activator is better to drink, we will continue to talk.

Benefits and harms of distilled water
On the one hand, distilled water is the purest, since it does not contain various impurities and other inclusions.

On the other hand, with the help of high temperatures, the distiller kills

The benefits of drinking bottled water directly depend on its quality. Before being potable, the water goes through decontamination and several cleaning steps. When selecting, pay attention to the following properties:

bottling fountain;
water compliance with Sanpin standards;
content of nutrients and vitamins.
These properties are usually indicated by the manufacturer on the product label.

Benefits and harms of spring water 

Before stepping on the surface, spring water flows through layers of sand and gravel. This natural filtration allows you to preserve all the useful properties, natural structure and hydrochemical composition, so the benefits of spring water for the body are obvious. But it can also cause harm.

The chemical composition of water from different springs differs, so the healing properties will be very diverse. The benefit of water from a spring can be a beneficial effect on the nervous system.

Water from the second source will have healing properties in the fight against hypertension. However, most sources contain regular drinking water.

It is important that the spring is clean. Next to it should not be garbage dumps and industrial enterprises. In such cases, water can contain extremely dangerous elements: lead, nickel, arsenic, pesticides, nitrates, petroleum products and Mercury.

Spring water can also cause serious damage if there are bacteria in its composition, including Escherichia coli.

How to clean at home water activator

Only pure water has benefits for the body. The easiest and most effective way to clean it at home is to freeze it. Such water is called thawing. This method allows you to preserve all the useful properties of water, but at the same time get rid of salts and bacteria dissolved in it.

All you need are plastic bottles and a freezer.

Water should be bottled without filling the edges of 2-3 cm, as during freezing it expands and can damage the container.
Put the bottles in the freezer, regularly checking the state of the water.
When two-thirds of the liquid freezes, the sediment must be poured, since all mineral impurities remain in it.
The remaining ice must be thawed, after which the thaw water will be completely ready for use.
Can water harm the body
Quality clean water can only cause harm if it is drunk in very large quantities, significantly exceeding the daily rate. This provokes the development of drinking disease, when the kidneys do not have time to lose all the fluid, and it penetrates into other organs, which, as a result, swell. It is worth remembering that healthy kidneys can pass only 0.8-1 l of water per hour.

A large amount of consumed liquid can:

lead to a bad and restless sleep;;
the most serious case is edema of brain cells, the consequences of which include convulsions, respiratory arrest, coma and death.
Important! The use of chlorinated tap water leads to the development of various diseases of the nervous system, including Alzheimer’s disease.
The benefits and harms of water directly depend on its quality. It is a vital element for humans, preserves health and prevents the risk of developing many diseases. But in order not to get hurt, you need to drink water in moderation, no more than 2 — 2,5 l per day.