Activated Water Benefits


    Water was once a purer, more efficient hydrator and nutrient delivery medium. One obvious reason is that there were fewer synthetic, exotic molecules of all kinds being released into the air, land and water in ancient times. The explosion of humankind’s population and its concomitant ability to produce new substances, pollutants and toxins has altered the integrity of water and land on earth.

    Water is arguably the most active substance on earth. It’s the universal solvent that has the unique ability to bond with and alter most other elements and compounds. This results, given contemporary conditions, in more water borne pollutants and toxic substances and larger molecular clusters in our water resources.

    They are delivered to all living things and to the land, water, and air as well. The result has been a reduced ability to hydrate properly living things, diminished animal and plant yields and a decline in wellness that is compensated for by an increase of chemicals, herbicides, pesticides and medicines of all kinds.

    Activated Water’s ability to energize water, or more simply, add abundant free electrons, if you will, produces the following effects and benefits.

Effects and Benefits of Activated Water


1. Less water is required to become hydrated. Demonstrably increased energy and stamina.
2. Vital nutrients delivered much faster and more efficiently to bloodstream and all organs.
3. High pH restores our homeostatic balance by neutralizing acidic conditions often caused by processed foods, over cooking food and low pH (acidic) water and other beverages of all kinds.
4. Strengthens immune system and kills or neutralizes pathogens.
External use provides deeper cleaning of pores and cells. Bathing is healthier and noticeably more rejuvenating,
5. Low pH water will kill all bacteria/viruses on contact, including antibiotic-resistant ones. When used for bathing and cleaning floors, clothing, toilets etc., it will eliminate bacteria in hospitals, government and commercial buildings, schools, homes, etc. to acceptable standards.
6. Activated bottled water or tap water provides the strongest antioxidant power available. Its ability to scavenge free radicals is unmatched.



1. Efficient nutrient assimilation increases yields by about 30%.
2. Requires less irrigation water. Shorter watering times or less frequent irrigation achieves the same or better results.
3. Fruits and vegetables are sweeter and more flavorful.
4. Smaller sizes of aqueous molecular clusters produce fewer, stronger, healthier leaves thus directing more energy to the basic reproductive function.
5. Seeds processed with activated water have a 99% germination rate.
6. Crops achieve maturation faster.
7. Fruits and vegetables have increased shelf life of 7+ days. If washed at packers and misted in supermarkets, shelf life extension can reach up to 14 days.
8. Pesticides are often eliminated or at the least, dramatically reduced.
9. Fertilizer requirements are reduced by 50%+.
10. Reduced cluster size allows water to permeate soils more deeply. The result is a stronger, generally larger, healthier root system and more organic matter.
11. Salts are converted to their colloidal state so that unacceptable saline content (and other harmful compounds) is rendered harmless to both the plants and soil. While sodium and chloride are present in the same amounts they do not bond to roots or soil to create salt and its attendant burn of either the plant or the soil. Elements remain in their colloidal state until they seep back to the water table.
12. Water directly from the ocean has been energized and used to irrigate corn that grew normally and produced ears.
13. All scaling and clogging of irrigation pipes and heads and nozzles is eliminated with our water.
14. Regenerates soil and stops its degradation caused by pathogenic and predaceous insects.
15. Plants can thrive where it was previously impossible because energized water penetrates the soil to a greater depth while leaching accumulated salts and making minerals more bio-available.

Animals and Poultry

1. Dairy production increases of 25% +.
2. Overall animal growth increases. More testing required to determine credible percentages but appears to be in the 15 to 25% range.
3. Flies disappear from feeding areas
4. Odors are eliminated from feeding areas.
5. If lagoons are used, crusting is eliminated. Water can also be recycled or used for irrigation.
6. Hosing down feeding areas, animals and misting animals and poultry eliminates all bacteria/viruses, including antibiotic-resistant strains.
7. Supression of bacteria significantly reduces need for antibiotics to maintain health.
8. Bacteria-free feeding areas eliminate or significantly reduce hoof and other diseases that often lead to lameness and premature slaughter of the animal.
9. Increased wellness can result in two to three year extension of productive life of dairy herd.
10. Drinking the activated water reduces stress in dairy cows and poultry.
11. Chickens reached market size 5 days faster than others saving considerable feed costs. Mortality rate dropped from 8% to less than 1%.
12. Water with 3600 to 3800 ppm salts which had previously been unusable became suitable as drinking water when activated. The need for trucking in sweet water vanished. Chicken growth and wellness were significantly increased.

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