The more Activators you buy, the cheaper:

One Activator – 25,00 EURO


Two Activator – 40,00 EURO


Three Activator – 55,00 EURO

Four Activator – 70,00 EURO

The price includes the deliver by post.

Activators will be sent ONLY after prepayment!

     For ordering, please, fill in this order form. In the message text, it is necessary to specify your name, surname, postal address, postal code, the number of the sets ordered.

    It is possible to order and to pay up by the bank card through the international payment system PAY PAL


    It is also possible to transfer the payment to our bank account
    Our bank account details:
    IK A.Ivanov
    Reg.№ 40002116331
    Luminor Bank AS
    IBAN: LV73NDEA0000083333587

       The delivery is carried out by a postal parcel, when the payment of the order is performed. On the next day, the postal parcel shall be sent to the specified address, and to your e-maul address, an e-mail message will be sent in which the POSTAL IDENTIFICATOR of the parcel will be specified.

        Contact information:
    Telephone :     +371 203-72-310
    E -mail: