Activated water and cleansing of body

  Recent studies prove that people can live 3-4 times longer than they do today. A person cannot live up to 200 or even 300 years due to aging processes. This is caused by a gradual decrease in the water level in the body. The cells of a newborn baby are almost 100% fluid, and in an elderly person – only 50%.

  The water contained in the body is used to produce hydrogen ions. With age, its reserves decrease faster and faster, which causes cell aging. As a result, slags practically cease to be excreted from the body, and this is a direct way to increase the number of pathological conditions.

  Activated water removes fatty acids from cells due to the alkaline environment. The liver processes them into glucose, and it turns into lactic acid during any physical activity. The alkali neutralizes it, thereby cleansing the body with the help of living water.

  If you don’t consume enough fluid, the body will try to save it for the future. As a result, the work of the kidneys worsens, which leads to a delay in the outflow of urine. Liver activity is suppressed, bilirubin is not excreted. All this eventually causes atherosclerosis, psychosis and insomnia.

  Regular consumption of live water helps to avoid dehydration and cleanse the body. Due to this, aging can be delayed.

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cleansing of body

  The body has the functions of self-purification and self-healing. However, in some cases, it is so clogged that it becomes impossible to cope with accumulated toxins and toxins on their own. Today, various methods of cleansing the body are used. One of the most effective is the cleansing of the body with activated water.

Activated water is involved in all metabolic processes and performs certain functions in our body:

elimination of toxins and waste products;
body temperature regulation;
preservation of cell structure;
prevention of dry skin, beneficial effect on the skin, rejuvenation of the epidermis;
increased metabolism.


Slagging is a condition characterized by the accumulation of toxic substances in tissues and organs. The chronic form can provoke almost irreversible processes that lead to the development of serious pathologies.

  Develops under the influence of:

— excessive intake of harmful substances from the outside;
— the inability of the body to get rid of them on its own.

  At first, a person copes quite well on their own. The kidneys and liver perform the function of purification, and the excretion of toxins occurs with excrement, then through the respiratory organs. When the number of incoming harmful substances increases, and they accumulate in the tissues and lymph, puffiness often appears. The body sends an additional amount of water to reduce the concentration of toxic substances. Their deposition occurs in the form of salts, which later leads to atherosclerosis.

  There are 7 degrees of fermetonaccumulation of toxins in the body. These stages indicate the cause of many hundreds of thousands of diseases:

  General daily overwork for no reason. The stage manifests itself with a sedentary lifestyle.
The occurrence of migraines and pain in the joints. The blood is not sufficiently purified, the brain is irritated, tissues expand, nerves are squeezed and migraine develops.
Frequent colds, sputum and mucus discharge, skin rashes and allergies. Clogging is caused by dairy products, fatty foods, potatoes, sweets. If you do not control the use of these products, the mucus will not have time to leave the body, which will lead to serious diseases.
It is manifested by excessive weight and neoplasms. If a person has let everything take its course at the initial stages, there is a compaction of slags and the formation of cystic formations, lipomas, fibromyomas, adenomas or the formation of stones.
It is characterized by distortion of the joints, a sharp decrease or increase in human weight.
Paralysis of internal organs, the occurrence of multiple sclerosis, impaired blood circulation of the brain, which leads to thrombosis, heart attack or Parkinson’s disease.
The slagging of the body reaches the point that the mechanisms that eliminate the consequences no longer work, against this background, oncology develops.

How to properly cleanse the body with activated water

  Activated water helps to normalize the digestive tract, avoid difficulties with the stomach, adjust your kilograms and remove kidney stones. In the presence of chronic diseases, during the cleansing of the body, slight pain may appear. However, there is no need to be scared, it will help to understand that the cleansing procedure is progressing correctly and the body is gradually getting rid of toxins and toxins.

  In the morning, on an empty stomach, half an hour before meals, you need to drink a glass of activated water. Carefully, in small sips, you should not rush. Over time, pain in the vertebrae disappears, excess fat goes away, the skin condition improves.