Activated water and colds

With regular intake of activated water, the immune system is strengthened, and a person is less ill with colds. It is used in the autumn-winter period for prevention. If the viral infection has already manifested itself, you need to rinse your mouth and nose and drink water at night.

In case of flu, treatment is carried out within a week. If the disease is in a neglected form, water is used for a longer period, until all symptoms are eliminated. If there is a high temperature, wiping with dead water is recommended.

For sore throat, not only rinses are used, but also compresses applied to the neck area. With a runny nose, you can rinse your nose by drawing the liquid through the nostrils. For children, it is usually instilled with a pipette.

When coughing, drink half a glass half an hour after eating. Along with this, inhalations with anolyte are used. If you have a severe coughing fit, breathe over the boiling solution. This will help relieve acute symptoms. With a chronic cough, the liquid is heated to 35-40 degrees, after which it is drunk for a week.

Water is used for ear inflammation. Symptoms of otitis are removed by burying it in the auditory canal 3 times a day. Such treatment will give a good result usually for 2-3 days.

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