1. Activated water — a multifunctional antioxidant.
     On the one hand, it can act as an antioxidant, and on the other hand – it repeatedly intensifies the effect of enzymatic and non-enzymatic antioxidants: vitamin C and flavonoids.
     2. Activated water — a source of vitamins and minerals.
     The organism metabolizes the best those vitamins and minerals that are in an ionic form, so not more than 20% of vitamins and minerals are absorbed from the external antioxidants. But the life-giving water, in which the minerals are in the form of ions, contributes to their complete digestion.
     3. Activated water — restorative agent of the acid-base balance.
     Activated water has the optimum pH for the body (7.3 to 7.8), and therefore it is the most efficient, and most importantly – the simplest means of normalization and maintenance of the acid-base balance in the body.
     4. Activated water — the strongest immune stimulating agent.
     The researches of Dina Aschbach allowed her to conclude that «the patients with colds and viral infections, who drank activated water, recovered undoubtedly faster, and the patients who have received the chemotherapy, quicker regained their strength, improved the blood and immune system”.
     5. Activated water — information-carrying medium.
     Such a conclusion is made some years ago by the American scholar A. Bailey, who in her works writes that the mental state is determined by the water quality in the physical body. In other words, as the water is charged in our body, such will be our mental health. And the emotions affect all body functions in a human body, as the metabolism of the body is related with water.
     And the activated water can erase all the negative information, and not only from a person, but also from the nature. After all, the ecological situation is now almost always negative. It’s hard to find a clean place on the planet. All this negative information is transferred to the water, especially to that one which gets to us from a water pipe. Together with heavy metals and other impurities we get a lot of negative information, with which we code our organism to disease and failure. The activated water helps the body to adjust to a healthy way, and it performs the function of cleansing. Therefore, it is especially necessary to use this water in cases where you feel that you are pressed by someone or something, you feel angry or emotionally depressed.

Our bodies are composed of 80% water. And, of course, you can see how important it is, what kind of water we use.

     Magnetized water has a number of special properties that are manifested in the human body organs, after the water is absorbed by the body.

1. It turned out that drinking of the magnetized water increases the excretion of urine, and normalizes the blood pressure, changes the pharmacological effect of a number of medical drugs, as well as normalizes the bowel and blood system, slows the aging of the skin, hair loss, and normalizes the weight.
2. The studies have shown that the magnetized water helps to release the small stones from the kidneys, stimulates the regeneration of tissues, helps to reduce the amount of toxins, strengthens the immune system and lowers the cholesterol level.
3. Blood is composed of 98% water. It supplies the body tissue with oxygen and nutrients and takes away waste accumulating in them — this is one more reason to use this water.

It is very important to CONSTANTLY replace the water withdrawn from the body with other water passed through the magnetic treatment, which has the structure of RAINWATER or MELT-WATER.

    In the section “Principle of operating”, it has been described in detail, that after the passage through the magnetic fields of the Activator, the water gets a structure consisting of individual molecules which are not linked among themselves by the intermolecular bonds.

    The main mechanism of impact of such water on the human body is that a single water molecule, not linked with other molecules in the molecular formations (clusters) EASIER PENETRATES THROUGH THE CELL MEMBRANCES of our body.
     A cell includes it more rapidly into the structure of its cytoplasm, thus the cell division and growth accelerates, as well as the regeneration (cell repair).

Let’s consider it in more detail

     A cell — a living system of microscopic size, limited by a biological membrane, consisting of a nucleus and of the cytoplasm, it is capable for self-regulation (metabolism) and reproduction (regeneration). A cell is the basis of the development, structure and functions of all plant and animal organisms.
     A cell of the human body consists of different chemical compounds of organic and inorganic nature. The inorganic substances of a cell are water and salt.

     Water comprises of 65 — 90% of the cell mass. (With age, the mass of water in a cell decreases). It dissolves the substances involved in chemical reactions, transports nutrients, and removes waste and harmful compounds from the cells.
As we can see, the water plays an important role, but, in general, the main role in the cell activity.

     Water enters the cell through its wall (membrane). The cell membrane (from the Latin «peel») is a biological membrane, surrounding the protoplasm of a living cell. It is involved in the regulation of the exchange of substances between the cell and its environment.

Schematically, the cell membrane is shown:

     All the membranes have a similar structure. An elementary membrane contains four molecular layers.
      Here is a single molecule of water and the accumulation of molecules in a cluster:

Here is another accumulation of molecules in clusters:

     What kind of accumulation easier and more likely will pass through the cell membrane?

     Is it a massive accumulation of molecules — a cluster? Or a separate mobile molecule? Of course, a single molecule! It is the Activator of water which breaks down the accumulation of water molecules linked by the intermolecular bonds (clusters), into individual molecules.

You see, there are no miracles here! The basic laws of physics and biology!

Based on all these facts, we can conclude:

1. The structure of water which has passed through the magnetic fields of the Activator, is represented by separate molecules unrelated to the molecular entities (clusters).
2. The water having such a structure, easily and quickly penetrates through the membrane of the body cells. A cell will rapidly include it in its structure, while in the cells the metabolism occurs faster (they are purified better), the cell growth and division accelerates, and their regeneration (recovery) is achieved.
3. The blood and skin cells have the cell membrane which is the only structure that serves as a shell. Thus, the water which has passed through the magnetic fields of the Activator, primarily will beneficially affect the blood and skin.

The photos display how the Activators are installed for domestic use and cooking.

     Taps and mixer taps are now made of copper with chrome or nickel coating. These materials are not ferromagnetic materials (they don’t attract magnets). Therefore, after installing of the Activator, the potential magnetic fields emerge inside a tap or a mixer tap, which is foreseen by the design of the Activator.
According to the Professor’s Lane opinion (Israel Institute of Technologies), as the magnetized water increases the solubility of minerals, it improves the whole body’s supply with nutrients, which has a positive effect on the overall state of the human being. For many years, specialists-patricians in India, Japan, Russia and other countries have successfully used magnetized water to treat various diseases, for restoration of disturbed metabolism, for increase of the general energy level and general health promotion.

     The magnetized water in general strengthens the immune system and has proven its effectiveness in the treatment of colds, flu, coughs. Regular consumption of the magnetic water prevents the build-up of layer of cholesterol in the arteries and prevents their hardening (which can cause the increase of blood pressure), helps to maintain the normal functioning of the heart. Also, it relieves the general state of health of the people, suffering from asthma and many other diseases.

     Boris Hart — Doctor, the head of the Institute of Alternative Medicine “KHAIBORMED” (Tel-Aviv) especially recommends drinking of the magnetized water to achieve the full systemic effect on the body. This is explained by the fact that it affects the entire body, many organs and systems, both by the external and the internal use.


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