Human skin. The effect of Activated water baths on the skin

  From the time of Ancient Egypt until the seventies of the twentieth century, body care was alkaline. And in the 70s of our century, it turned into chemically acidic. Previously, everyone washed their hands with soap, and no one suffered from it. The composition of the soap included alkali!
Previously, when caring for the elderly, they used alkaline liquid soap, and they did not have bedsores! Also, there will be no bedsores if you use Activated water. Wiping off, or taking a shower, or a bath, you will be able to remove acids and slags through the skin.
Even 25 years ago, body care was exclusively alkaline. Until recently, body care and cleansing with alkaline soap containing potassium or sodium were practiced.
Things are different today. For example, the skin is cleansed with a very «sour» milk with a pH level of 5, or even less. At the heart of this great misconception lies the erroneous hypothesis about the existence of an acidic protective layer of the skin.
In fact, the acidic environment of the skin is a consequence of intensive and constant excretion of acidic «waste» through the skin. The so-called «acid protective layer» is actually chemically acidic «garbage» accumulated on the skin.
A lotion with a pH of 5.8 is much more acidic than the most acidic skin secretions of a sick person. Of course, such a lotion drives the excreted acids back into the body, instead of neutralizing them or removing them.
The hypothesis that acidic slags are excreted through the skin is confirmed by the positive long-term experience of using Activated (biologically active) water for body care.
The possibilities of caring for the body with Activated water are diverse. Their purpose is to encourage the body to give up acids and slags from the acidic environment of cells to the mildly alkaline environment surrounding it, which is Activated water.

The body will do it with great pleasure!

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Measure the acidity of the bath water three times!
The indicator of the newly poured Activated water is pH 7.1-7.5.
After a person stays in the bath, the pH level of the water will drop to 6.5-7.0.
Thus, the water became more acidic. Acids from the body were released into the water.
Such Activated Water baths can be taken at relatively low temperatures. The recommended bathing temperature should correspond to the body temperature or slightly exceed it, ~ 38 — 41 ° C. With dilated veins and vascular asterisks, a water temperature of 25- 28 ° C is recommended for foot baths.
One practical rule should be observed: the higher the severity of the venous dilation disease, the lower the temperature of the foot bath should be.
We return to the differences between acidic and alkaline body care.
The skin is an organ through which acids are excreted from the body. It is obvious to anyone who is familiar with chemistry that this can happen most quickly in the alkaline environment of Activated water, because the acids, coming out on the skin, are immediately neutralized, making room for the next portion.
Using a chemically acidic body milk or gel, we act on acids with an average pH of 6.8 — 6.4 that want to come out with a kind of «acid scourge» having a pH level of 5.5 — 5, and thereby drive the acids back.
Now the epidermis also contains almost no acids — but only temporarily. Soon acids and slags want to come out again, and the person again feels the need for purification.
That’s why we take a shower two or three times a day. We thoroughly degrease the skin with foam, and then lubricate with «sour» cream. This prevents the sebaceous glands from functioning properly and disrupts their excretory function.
Today, «sour» body care is sometimes taken to the extreme by the fact that creams with so-called fruit acids are used in cosmetic institutes. Such creams have a pH of ~ 3.7 -3.5. After using them, in no case should you take alkaline baths with a pH of 8.5 or higher.
Similarly, and vice versa: after alkaline procedures, you should not use products with a pH of less than 3. After an alkaline procedure with a pH of 8, such an acid compress with a pH of 3, which is a hundred thousand times more acidic, would become a real acid shock.
Such a shock suffered by the skin is akin to that of a person rescued during a sandstorm, put with his sand-damaged skin in a bath with a water temperature above 40 ° C.
Based on experience, the skin easily tolerates thousands of chemical «jumps», that is, up to three levels of the scale. This confirms the use of creams with fruit acids having a pH of ~ 3.5.
If we take the average skin index as pH 6.5, then it is clear that these creams are a thousand times more acidic. Therefore, they are not suitable for long-term use! But that’s exactly what’s happening!
For constant daily care, it is much more reasonable to use alkaline methods: alkaline baths with Activated water, wipes, compresses and douches. Such care helps to remove acids and toxins and activates the sebaceous glands.
As a result, the skin will be covered with their secretions, and soften — in contrast to «acidic» body care, in which sooner or later skin allergies, itching, burning sensation, peeling of the skin develop — that is, all possible consequences of care, unnatural and wrong from a chemical point of view.
With the advent of this wild theory of the «acid protective layer», everything seemed to be equal — acidic skin (due to the acids and toxins released) and «acidic» body care products.
And what do we have? And the fact that fungi are actively developing in an acidic environment, because this is their native environment!
Toxins released by fungi during metabolism, for example, acetic aldehyde, aflatoxin, are far from harmless! They lead to disorders of the nervous system: legasthenia, aggression, passivity, depression, hyperactivity, chronic fatigue syndrome and much more…
The appearance of fungus on the skin, feet, nails, and also – which is much more scary — in the blood and lymph, contributes to the constant supply of acidic skin environment with «acidic» body care products. It is not surprising that infection with the fungus of the epidermis and mucosa takes on the scale of an epidemic.
The ideal conditions for a skin fungus are an environment with a pH level of 6 — 3.5. Despite this, it is often advised to use fermented milk yoghurts to fight fungi, say, of the genitals, and vinegar with foot fungi. Such measures may even lead to success, but for a short time! In this case, the wedge is knocked out with a wedge.
For human life, the optimal ambient temperature is 20 -25 ° C, his blood «lives» at a pH of 7.25 — 7.45, the fungus — at a pH of 3.5-6.
A person does not like to live where it is too cold or too hot for a long time. He avoids such uncomfortable places.
You can also get rid of the fungus by creating uncomfortable alkaline conditions for it. The alkaline reaction of Activated water helps to remove acids from the skin, which are so necessary for the life of fungi. Thus, a person recovers, and the fungus is deprived of conditions suitable for existence.
Alkaline body care with Activated water is especially effective in the summer, warm time, as well as for people who sweat a lot, or have wounds, scuffs, etc.
It begins with a cool morning washing and rubbing of the torso and the back of the head. Wash well with this water, rinse your throat, rub yourself. For the best effect, hold your hands in Activated water.
At the same time, do special exercises — tightly clench your hands into fists, then unclench and wiggle your fingers, and squeeze again; do these exercises for five minutes without taking your hands out of the water.

Then comes the turn of the lower body. Sit in the bathroom in lukewarm Activated water, spray it, wash yourself. Such protection lasts for a long time, even in the heat.
If you sweat again at noon or in the afternoon, you can take a sedentary refreshing bath.
The body is wiped several times with Activated water, using a hard washcloth or glove for washing.
Sore and affected areas can only be moistened, but not rubbed! Often they are delayed after several receptions of short-term sedentary baths from this biologically active water.
After the bath, the drops of water from the body are wiped with their hands, then the body is allowed to dry without wiping off, so that as much Activated water as possible is absorbed. This will protect the body from sweating for the rest of the day. Sore spots are washed with running water.
Even in the most intense heat with such care, the skin environment will not acidify, but will remain alkaline.
Before going to bed, take a foot bath (30 min. or longer). Rub your feet and fingers with a stiff washcloth. In case of skin problems, trophic ulcers, thrombosis, inflammation of the veins and pronounced dilation of the veins, wipe your feet simply with your hand. Such care will protect you from fungi for a long time, because they can exist only in an acidic environment with a pH of 4-6, and Activated water has a pH of 7.1-7.5.
The temperature of the bath water is of great importance both for our subjective well-being and for the objective effectiveness of Activated Water baths. Refreshing sedentary baths should or can have a temperature of 25 — 28 ° C. Such low temperatures are especially suitable for hot summers. In other cases, a temperature corresponding to body temperature is recommended — 36-37 ° C.
It should be noted that taking a bath for 30 — 60, or even 120 minutes, it is not necessary to add warm water. Surprisingly, the water temperature usually fluctuates only within one or two degrees, even if you lie in it for 1-1.5 hours.
Temperatures higher than body temperature weaken the body, while the water temperature, which is one or two degrees lower than body temperature, positively conditions and strengthens the immune system.
However, there are some circumstances when it is necessary to add warm water. In cast-iron baths, water cools down faster than in baths made of artificial materials. It is also important in which room the bath is installed — warm or cold. It is only necessary to make sure that the water does not get too hot, which can negatively affect the blood circulation process.
The body generates heat if the ambient temperature is lower than the body temperature and, conversely, cools itself when the ambient temperature is higher than the body temperature.
If we force the body to produce heat, it will be warm for a long time. People who spend a lot of time in warm rooms and in warm baths force the body to self-cool down to balance the temperatures. Therefore, do not be surprised that they are constantly freezing!
However, everyone is guided by their feelings and spends as much time in the bath as they like. The body and its sensations are what shows us how correct and appropriate our behavior is at this moment.
Care of the genitals and anus with Activated water baths.
It has a long-term beneficial effect. It is carried out in the bath.
The legs are widely spaced, while the abdominal muscles should be quickly strained and relaxed. This exercise contributes to the fact that Activated water penetrates deep into the genitals and very effectively removes acids, toxins and harmful substances through the mucous membrane. Do not wash off the activated water, but let it dry itself.
Especially important in the warm season!
It is necessary to maintain an alkaline environment on the mucous membrane of the female genital organs. It is recommended for women to use sedentary baths made of Activated water for the care of the genitals.
People who have a large amount of toxins and slags in their body need to take long-term foot baths using Activated water, which will help pull poisons and slags through the feet.
We can purify water endlessly, trying to make it crystal clear, but we will never be able to make it biologically active or «alive».

After activation, the water becomes biologically active.

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