Activated Water Good for your Kidneys

Activated Water can be good for your kidneys because it raises urine pH, which lowers the acid load.

    After age 30, your kidney function starts to decline, and if you have a problem losing weight, your kidneys may be overburdened by chronic metabolic acidosis: A temporary condition where your blood pH drops below safe levels. If that is the case, then Activated Water could be a good choice for reducing the acid burden on your kidneys.
    Your kidney’s are part of the most effective detoxification system in the world. Your entire supply of blood is filtered through them 70 times per day. Your liver breaks down toxins that your kidneys can’t handle so they can be disposed of safely – most of the time.    But in conditions of metabolic acidosis, that system loses efficiency, allowing harmful toxins to remain in the blood supply. By drinking Activated Water, you can quickly raise your urine pH (it takes about 30 minutes) and restore your detoxification system’s efficiency.

    Hydration is beneficial for your kidneys. The main benefit of Activated Water for your kidneys is it’s  superior hydration.  Research shows that Activated Water hydrates better than plain water, and your kidneys need a lot of water to stay healthy and function at peak efficiency. For optimal results, plan to drink 2 – 3 liters per day Activated Water.

The best source of Activated Water is a WATER ACTIVATOR.

Using Activated Water against Kidney Stones

    The way how Activated Water impacts the occurrence of  kidney stones  is twofold.    Firstly, there is a simple mechanism of action behind using Activated Water – it is simply good to drink as much rehydrating fluid as possible while having or passing a kidney stone. This type of water works great for rehydration, which means that the kidneys are working to full capacity. As they are in this state, the passing of kidney stones should go a lot easier.

    The second factor of Activated Water that ends up being a mechanism of action is its ability to change the pH levels inside of the kidney. Once in the system, they provide a chemical environment that can slowly but definitely dissolve existing kidney stones and make sure that no new ones can be formed. Inside of the alkaline environment, kidney stones, which are mostly made out of calcium or phosphate-based stones, can be broken down and allowed to disappear completely in the urine.

    There is no one who is claiming that Activated Water can always dissolve even the biggest kidney stone. But, there is a clear advantage of using Activated Water in the case where kidney stones have only been forming or if they are just starting to pass out of the system. With its help, both of these processes can be impacted in a way that provides relief from pain and also ultimately a cure for the symptoms people are experiencing.

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