In such water you can wash even without any washing powder!

     After passing through the magnetic fields of the Activator, the water gets structure consisting of individual molecules (dipoles), not linked among themselves by the intermolecular bonds.
     The presence in the structure of the water a large number of unrelated molecules promotes the reduction the water hardness and, therefore, increases the washing efficiency.

     For such water structure, a less (as compared with normal water) surface tension and increasing of wettability is typical.

Thus, the use of water which has passed through the magnetic fields of the Activator, allows for washing the fabric materials:

1. To reduce by 70% the consumption of detergents, as the unrelated water molecules begin to perform the function of detergents. This is especially beneficial for washing the baby clothes and for people with allergies.
2. To refuse the use of substances reducing water hardness (softener).
3. To refuse the use of Calgon, because the structure of the water prevents the deposition of insoluble salts on the metal surfaces of washing machines.

     Technically, such a washing implies the installation of an Activator onto the cold water supply hose to the washing machine, as shown in the photos:

     Due to the fact that the individual water molecules have high mobility, they penetrate better into the pores of fabrics and microcracks of contaminants, and between fabric and contaminants. This reduces the adhesion between the dirt particles among themselves and between a cloth.
      Free water molecules have a greater ability to absorb (stick) on hydrophobic (non-wettable) contaminants and fibre fabrics. They also can better adsorb (to gather) on contaminants and already washed cloth, and it already prevents enlargement of dirt particles and re-settling them onto the washed out fabric. As a result, contamination particles are stabilized in the wash solution and are removed together with it.

     Separate water molecules tend to aggregate (accumulate) on cationic and anionic of natural salts dissolved in water, and prevent the formation of insoluble compounds (so-called “scale”) which deposits on the metal parts of washing machines.

1 – anions and cations:    2 – dipoles of water


How to wash clothes in the washing machine? Many young Housewives or bachelors at least once faced with the fact that the clothes were painted after washing in other colors or stretched. In order for this not to happen, you need to follow a few simple rules.


First of all, before washing clothes should be properly sorted. It is optimal to do it by colors, but also do not forget to take into account the type of fabric from which the thing is made. For example, if you wash cotton and wool together, either the first thing is not removed because of the gentle regime for wool, or the second will stretch due to increased spin speed or high temperature.
Also, do not ignore the information that is placed on the clothing tag. From these data we can learn not only optimum temperature but also the possibility of using bleach, etc. Before washing clothes is necessary to properly sort


However, to decide what to choose the temperature, washing mode and the number of revolutions for spin, that’s not all — the quality of washing depends largely on the substances used in this process. For white fabrics it is better to use a special powder for white, but for color it is not suitable-things will gradually fade. You can also use bleach — best if it is oxygen.
Powder “for colored things” contains special crystals that will help for many washes to keep the bright colors of things. In addition, some of them prevent the shedding of things, so without fear you can put in the drum of the washing machine orange and red things or blue and green.
Pay attention to the dosage — there is no need to study it again every time, just read the powder you have chosen and decide on the required volume (do not forget that manufacturers usually calibrate the dosage based, including, and of water hardness, degree of contamination).

Fighting strong spots

If on things you notice stains and other strong pollution, it is better to remove them with the help of a special liquid. It is worth noting that such funds are often divided depending on the origin of the stain, so if the house has young children, means to remove organic contaminants (juices, grass, blood) should always be at hand.
Soak for a few minutes (according to the instructions) stain with stain remover, and then add a little detergent during washing. It is also necessary to pay attention to the presence of allergies in the house and children — to wash their clothes you need to use only high-quality hypoallergenic products.


If a lot of Laundry, divide it into two washes when laying clothes in the drum note that you should not try to push all the things at once, if a lot of Laundry, it is better to divide it into two washes, otherwise things can be very wrinkled and bad stretch. Now you can proceed to the choice of washing mode. In the last decade, the machines have got so many functions and modes that it remains only to determine the type of fabric and temperature in a certain range. But here the technology does not stand still. In particular, the most modern washing machines allow you to wash the dirt at a lower temperature-for example, bed linen at 60 degrees instead of 90, which will save time and money. If things are not very dirty, you can use the quick wash mode, but it is better to put less powder, as the Laundry will not have time to rinse properly.

Washing underwear

There is an opinion that underwear should be washed only by hand, as the washing machine will only spoil the lace products. But that’s not exactly true. Of course, in the Soviet years, units for washing did not spare the delicate fabric, but modern “washing machines” can be trusted even the most intimate — underwear.
For washing of underwear the rules to the Hostess on a note: there are nuances which will help to keep panties and bras in integrity and safety: for underwear choose the mode Manual and/or Delicate washing.
For bra get a special frame bag, which will eliminate the ingress of “bones” in the tank and stretching straps. The maximum allowable temperature in this wash-40 degrees. Be sure to wash the clothes before the first wear, especially for black sets, as often in their manufacture uses an excess of dyes.
Download the drum of the washing machine only half full. This will make it possible to prevent excessive twisting of linen. For Laundry do not use bleaching agents, especially if the information is not placed on the label.

Use only special “soft” (even better — liquid) powders, because, as a rule, the usual washing powder is composed of bleach and brighteners (eg, perborate), as a result of exposure to such substances on underwear, it may lose brightness, becoming faded. Never increase the dosage of the powder in excess of the recommended in the instructions. Do not soak colored or printed kits before washing.

Wash shoes

Often in washing machines there is a function for washing shoes, but you must understand that if you do not comply with several rules, you can not only spoil the shoes, but also break an expensive machine. Therefore, the first rule-do not use the “washer” for a pair of low quality, as well as for shoes decorated with a large number of rhinestones, beads or stones. Before washing, check that the shoes were whole, better to pull the laces and put in the drum separately, very dirty sole clean under running water with a brush, you can rinse and the top of shoes or boots to remove dust and sand.
The best option is to use a liquid powder that dissolves quickly and is easier to rinse even from the most inaccessible places, and put each pair in a separate Laundry bag. If there is no special bag, you can lay shoes with old towels or sheets. Erase a maximum of three or four pairs, then less likely to damage the machine itself.
The temperature of washing shoes should not exceed 30-40 degrees. Spin is better to turn off completely, as well as drying, the latter can severely deform the steam. I hope these tips will be useful in housekeeping and will help to keep your things as bright and neat as they were when buying.

Basic rules of washing clothes in the washing machine

Wash in an automatic machine is easy and simple. Every woman at least once in your life heard the phrase that “it is all erased”, and “the grandmothers had on the river walk”. But in the automatic washing has its own nuances, not knowing which can spoil the Laundry or machine. Read the basic rules and make no more mistakes.

Wash underwear separately from other clothes

For some items, such as swimwear or bras, it is better to choose a hand wash. The machine will stretch the elastic bands and cups, which will lead to a significant deterioration in the supporting properties of linen. Lace underwear of any kind is also recommended to wash hands. But cotton items and tights, including nylon, can be put in the machine. Wash at low temperature in delicate wash mode. Tights desirable to turn on the wrong side and place in a special bag.

Do not abuse the fabric softeners

Advertising convinces us that air conditioning is an essential attribute of washing. Without it, many Housewives do not even run their cars. On the one hand, this means has its advantages. Linen becomes softer, smoother and smells better. But for some things the tool is absolutely contraindicated. Moisture is no longer absorbed as we would expect. Do not add conditioner when washing towels, bath robes, clothes for sports, and other things that should absorb sweat or moisture. Not recommended for air conditioning and allergies.

Add detergents strictly according to the instructions

Sometimes we think the more the better. And trying to wash of particularly contaminated linen, we add the powder liberally. And for good reason. Excess detergents do not dissolve in water, so do your job, clogging the machine and accumulating in the folds of linen. Due to the excess of the air conditioner, the linen is poorly rinsed out, and the bleach can leave uneven stains on the clothes at all. Excess detergent can cause an unpleasant smell from the machine, and can provoke a “foam party”, which will not be enjoyed by the neighbors from below. Use containers with dimensional divisions and strictly follow the instructions on the package. Especially dirty Laundry wash on a specialized mode and add to it additional cycles of soaking and rinsing.

Choose a low washing temperature

Another mistake-to assume that the machine washes clothes well only at high temperatures. Modern powders are able to cope with their work already at 40 degrees. And if your machine does not offer separate modes, remember, it is at this temperature should be washed most of the clothes. 60 degrees is the temperature at which things are already disinfected. It can be used for bed linen, towels and things that really need it. For example, you can wash your child’s clothes after illness. And 90 degrees-already boiling mode, which should be used only in emergency cases. With low-temperature washing, your clothes will retain their shape and color for a long time, and will last you much longer.

Withdraw stains before the main wash

Advertising teaches us that using expensive powder, you can forget about the brush and soap. But you shouldn’t believe all the promises. Some spots are much easier to remove, causing them a little stain remover before laying in the machine.