Activated water for weight loss

  It has been proven that overweight often occurs due to the inability to distinguish between hunger and thirst. Histamine causes both of these sensations. We perceive dry mouth as a sign that we want to drink. But this is not the only signal that the body gives us, it’s just that sometimes we mistakenly think that we are hungry. To avoid overeating, you need to drink before any meal.

  Activated water stimulates more active fat burning. To do this, it should be consumed according to a certain scheme:
1-2 glasses immediately after waking up;
half an hour before meals;
2.5 hours after eating.

  If the feeling of thirst appeared in between, drink more. The more water you drink, the less you will be bothered by the desire to eat something extra.

  Increased fluid intake will help to lose excess weight by accelerating metabolism and removing edema. In a few weeks, without much effort, you can lose 5 – 6 kg.

  If at the same time you engage in any kind of sport, you can achieve even more impressive results. During training, fluid is lost in large volumes, and it needs to be replenished. It is best to do this with the help of living water.

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The benefits of activated water for weight loss

Activated water allows you to start the processes of weight loss. It is necessary for the body to restore energy, which spends daily energy on the work of internal organs and systems. When valuable moisture is lost, a person becomes irritable, does not concentrate well, loses the level of productivity for the rest of the day.

The benefits of activated water for the body:

1. Improving the functioning of the digestive tract. Activated water prevents constipation in the intestines, removes waste products. Liquid is required for chemical processes that occur in the gastrointestinal tract.

2. Reducing the likelihood of developing infectious and viral diseases. When there is a shortage of fluid in the body, dehydration occurs. Weakened immunity causes frequent infectious diseases.

3. Regulation of biological and chemical processes. When a person loses weight, he loses a lot of water. Fluid is required for rapid recovery. With a lack of muscle spasms occur. That is why it is important to learn how to properly drink activated water to lose weight.

4. Activated water starts the fat burning process. Activated water contributes to the normalization of metabolism.

 Activated water helps to improve overall well-being. It acts on the human body as an antipyretic. The liquid is required to restore skin cells, prevent dryness, and nourish the body. It remains elastic, youth is preserved.

There are several rules on how to drink activated water to lose weight:

1. the norm for each person is calculated individually (you need to weigh yourself and multiply the result by 30);
2. activated water should not be drunk during meals and after meals;
3. after eating, drink activated water every 60 minutes;
4. activated water is drunk in small sips, evenly throughout the day;
5. the daily allowance does not include drinks that can retain moisture in the body;
6. do not drink too hot or cold activated water.

 If the activated water is cold, there is a high risk of decreased immunity, the appearance of a state of drowsiness and weakness even after rest. Another important rule is regularity to develop a habit.

The relationship of activated water and weight loss
When losing weight and losing weight, activated water has the following effect on the body:

regulation of optimal body temperature;
removal and elimination of decay products from the body and thorough cleaning;
transportation of nutrients and elements, oxygen, glucose inside cells;
helps in natural moisturizing of the skin, soft tissues;
improving joint flexibility, strengthening muscles;
regulating the digestive system.