Weight loss & Activated Water

Why we need Activated Water?

    The human body creates acid, all day, every day, as a by-product of metabolism. In addition, acid is introduced into the system through food and digestion. Much of this acid is swept away by the blood stream, filtered by the kidneys and released from the body in the urine. Some acid is lost through perspiration. Your body can only process a certain amount of acid, so it is possible to overload the system and for the body to become overly acidic.
    Meat, including beef, pork, chicken and turkey, is acidic. Dairy, such as milk, butter and cheese, is acidic. Grains such as rice and barley, and simple carbs such as potatoes, pasta and bread, are acidic. Coffee, tea, and soft drinks are extremely acidic. These dietary influences, along with toxins and chemicals we breathe, and our internal metabolism, add to the overall acidity of the body.

     High cholesterol, a major issue in today’s society, occurs because produces excessive amounts of cholesterol to neutralize the large amounts of acid in the blood stream before they damage living cells. Hence there is a link between acidity and high cholesterol.

    Activated Water can help counter the free radical damage that leads to chronic disease. It neutralizes acids and scavenges free radicals. This antioxidant effect is one of the primary benefits of drinking Activated Water.
    Research shows that the epidemic of obesity in the industrialized world is the result of acidity in the body. We already ascertained that the body produces acidity through its own metabolic processes, and that the standard western diet adds to this load tremendously. The result is that the body creates fat cells to trap and neutralize these excess acids in the system. Some fat molecules can be excreted from the body, while others are stored, resulting in weight gain.
    Traditional methods of weight loss are often not successful – reducing portion size only minimally decreases acid intake. Reducing calories will actually increase the acidity of the body if sugar substitutes and “fake foods” are used as substitutes, as they increase the overall acidity of the body. Similarly, reducing fat intake does not change the acidity of the body.
    Drinking Activated Water and maintaining a healthy body pH can, on the other hand, reduce fat storage by releasing the acidic waste build up. Without excess acid in the system, the body has no need to hold on to the fatty layer it has created to protect itself.
    In other words, a healthy, alkaline body creates weight loss, not the other way around.

Activated Water can help counter the free radical damage that leads to chronic disease. It neutralizes acids and scavenges free radicals. This antioxidant effect is one of the primary benefits of drinking Activated Water.

Water’s easy. First, it is involved in the metabolic processes of the body: with its help, cells are supplied with nutrients and remove the final products of life. Lack of moisture slows down metabolism, and this is one of the causes of excess weight.
Secondly, water-a product with zero calorie, but it can fill the stomach to drown out the appetite for a while. In addition, a person does not always distinguish thirst from hunger, and sometimes the desire to eat is actually caused by the body’s need for water. This is confirmed by many people who noticed that they sometimes have enough to drink to stop wanting to eat.
A person does not always distinguish thirst from hunger, and sometimes a glass of water can relieve the desire to eat
Why you should drink more water
A person consists of fluid more than 70% – it is involved in the work of all organs, each cell. Lack of moisture complicates their functioning, besides toxins accumulate in the body, and this has a bad effect on appearance and health.
Dull skin, early wrinkles, crunch in the joints, headaches, kidney stones, high blood pressure, excess weight — this is not a complete list of problems caused by dehydration. Therefore, water to some extent is a universal medicine necessary for:
* cleansing from toxins ingested with food, alcohol, or medication;
* pressure stabilization. Due to the lack of fluid, the circulatory system is not filled, and the vessels are narrowed, then expand, reacting to food, weather and mood;
* improve the functioning of joints. Water is the main component of the “lubricating” liquid, and prolonged dehydration threatens osteochondrosis, arthrosis and similar diseases;
* better digestion. All chemical processes in the gastrointestinal tract occur with water, and its lack is fraught with problems with digestion and frequent constipation;
* reducing the risk of infectious diseases. Human immunity depends on the state of the intestine, and dehydration disrupts the work of this body;
* regulation of body temperature. This is especially important in hot weather, when a person sweats to prevent overheating;
* rejuvenation of the whole body. One of the causes of aging is the lack of moisture in the tissues of the body. Sufficient fluid intake naturally fills the cells with water.

The nature has disposed so that at dehydration moisture is distributed unevenly. First, the organism compensates the lack at the expense of the interstitial fluid. Further, water is borrowed from the bloodstream to ensure the operation of the most important internal organs: the brain, heart, lungs, kidneys, liver. All the rest, being deprived, can no longer function properly, and as a result, a person has various diseases and excess weight.
Dehydration is the cause of many common diseases, as well as excess weight
The benefits of water for weight loss
Many nutritionists are convinced that unnecessary kilograms are not only an excess of calories, but also a lack of water: not for nothing in almost all diets, special attention is paid to compliance with the drinking regime. However, people for the sake of rapid weight loss often lean on diuretic and laxative teas. Moisture goes away, bringing the arrow scales to the cherished indicator, and in return remain dehydration and related problems: deteriorating health, slowing metabolism, in particular — the breakdown of fat.
Regular clean water is the best diuretic. If you drink it in sufficient quantities, the liquid will not accumulate in the tissues, there will be a natural cleansing, the work of all body systems will be adjusted. Miracle, of course, will not happen and excess weight overnight will not disappear, but a little lose weight still succeed.
It should be borne in mind that weight reduction is achieved by normalizing metabolism, loss of accumulated toxins and unnecessary fluid. Fat goes slowly only, and only one water not get rid of him, so no gym and food correction is not enough.
Water improves metabolism, but does not affect fat directly, so for guaranteed weight loss it is desirable to reduce the caloric content of the diet and join the gym
How many kilograms can be lost if you follow a diet
Call the exact rate of weight loss will not be possible, as each case is different and depends on many factors. But one thing is certain: water diet is not for the impatient. The weight will go smoothly and gradually, but without the risk of a quick return and unpleasant consequences in the form of sagging flabby skin.
Those who want to say goodbye to 2-3 kilograms, need to limit yourself to eat or join the gym. Surely with the metabolism they are fine, so only one of water for weight loss is not enough.
People whose excess weight is 5-10 kg, can count on 1-2 kg per month, and those wishing to lose more than 10 kg the result will be even better.
All slimming want to quickly say goodbye to excess weight, but the water diet-not for the impatient
Important! The Internet has a description of the water diet, which promised light weight loss as much as 7-8 kg per month. Theoretically, this is possible, especially when reducing caloric intake and exercise, but doctors believe that a safe monthly weight loss is only 2-3% of the current. Under the security is understood that the kilograms will leave without harm to health and will not return. Therefore, only a person whose weight exceeds 230 kg can lose 7 kg. Everyone else will have to sacrifice either health or money to achieve the result, because without surgery the task is impossible.

Opinion of doctors and nutritionists
Experts to the water diet in General are positive, because its main product is a substance, without which the normal functioning of the body is unthinkable. If you drink in moderation, it’s nothing but good that will do. Slimming even recommend more water to avoid problems with the elimination of toxins released by the breakdown of fat cells.
That’s just a clear plan of action and a strict menu, this diet does not provide, so there are quite a few interpretations of it, starting with water starvation and ending with a harmless advice to drink half an hour before each meal. In addition, there is no consensus on the amount of liquid. And any Amateur-it is a possible health risk, so some points doctors are wary.

Therefore, to diet was successful, it is necessary to study all its nuances, to exclude potentially dangerous conditions, and the remaining to apply in practice, carefully watching your health. If on any issue there are doubts, it is better to consult a doctor.
Water diet-one of the few to which most nutritionists and doctors are positive. Exceptions are only the most extreme interpretation of the technique
Water diets are safe when not required to exceed the daily rate of fluid. If you should drink a little more, then this weight loss is prohibited when:
* kidney and urinary tract diseases;
* any ailments from which prescribe diuretics;
* tendency to edema;
* high blood pressure and diseases of the cardiovascular system;
* pregnancy and feeding.
Important! Diet should be stopped when any unpleasant symptoms (nausea, headache, fatigue, various digestive problems).
How to drink water for weight loss
To diet has benefited and did not become a source of health problems, you need to drink it properly. And here there are a lot of controversial issues, some of which are still unanswered.
How many liters to drink to lose weight
A normal healthy person loses about 2.5 liters of water per day, which must be replenished. But this is the average, as everyone has their own need for drinking. It consists of a set of factors: gender, age, weight, eating habits, lifestyle, the presence of certain diseases.
There are several formulas that allow you to calculate the amount of fluid required by a particular person. The most popular — for each kilogram of weight 30-40 ml of water. More accurate figure doctors have not yet been called, so it is better to start with 30 ml, but in the hot season and with regular exercise, you can focus on a higher ratio. The main indicator — a feeling of thirst, but the lack of water also signal dry skin, brittle hair and nails, dark urine.
Important! According to this formula, the volume of all moisture entering the body with food and drinks is calculated. Directly water adult healthy person needs about 1.5-1.8 liters per day, that is 60-70% of the total. The rest comes from food.
Knowing your weight, these formulas can calculate the daily amount of water for weight loss. There are two approaches.
The first involves compliance. Losing weight should be partially or completely replace tea, coffee and other familiar drinks with clean drinking water, but that its volume does not exceed the calculated. Such a diet can be observed as much as necessary.
The second approach is associated with increased fluid consumption. The point is to saturate the cells with moisture as much as possible in a short time, start metabolic processes, as well as deceive the stomach and wean yourself from snacking. This drinking regime is observed for a limited time, and the daily rate increases by about half a liter.
Table: daily human need for water
The daily rate of water use

Important! Doctors advise to accustom themselves to water gradually and in any case not to drink through force, because the body can resist such diets due to various reasons, including health problems.
How to choose an appointment schedule
Making a diet for yourself, you need to adhere to the following recommendations:
* the first glass of water is drunk on an empty stomach half an hour before Breakfast, and the last one-an hour and a half before bedtime, so as not to Wake up in the middle of the night with the desire to go to the toilet;
* drink slowly;
* do not drink more than two glasses of water at a time, otherwise it will stretch the stomach;
* half an hour must pass between drinking and following meals for the water to be absorbed;
* after a meal you can drink in an hour and a half. During this time, the stomach will have time to digest food;
* if you want to eat, then first drink a glass of water: perhaps hunger will disappear. Otherwise, after half an hour to eat something easy;
* if it is time to drink, but thirst not, this glass can with a clear conscience skip. Another thing, if you do not want water, and coffee or your favorite soda — there will have to show willpower.
With these tips in mind, the two most common schemes are:
* Morning and evening drink a glass of water. At three meals a day for half an hour before Breakfast, lunch and dinner — 2 cups, and the remaining water evenly distributed between meals.
* If the food is fractional, then a glass in the morning, before bedtime and half an hour before each meal. The remaining water should be consumed in small portions (2-3 SIPS, so-called” drip drinking”) during the day.
Is it possible to drink water on an empty stomach or drink food with it
It is best to drink on an empty stomach — so the water is absorbed faster. But to wash down the food is not recommended even outside the diet, so as not to dilute the gastric juice. The concentration of enzymes responsible for the breakdown of food is reduced, as a result of the latter is digested worse. However, dry bread, biscuits or a handful of nuts intended for a snack, a SIP of liquid will not hurt.
Drinking during or after a meal is not recommended, as water dilutes gastric juice, which prevents digestion
How long the diet lasts
Optimal duration: from three days to two weeks. The short version is more suitable for those who are planning not so much to lose weight as to arrange a fasting period after the feast.
Diet lasting 10-14 days already helps to raise the overall tone of the body and a little weight loss, but after it you need a break for two weeks. During the pause, it is desirable to eat properly and take pharmacy vitamin and mineral complexes to replenish those nutrients that the water has washed out of the body.
Important! If you do not exceed the daily rate of fluid, then you can do without breaks — are more permanent options of diet, but they are in essence a correction of the drinking regime on the background of a balanced diet. Taking vitamins in such cases also does not hurt.
What water to drink
The water now is great, but in a nutshell, the best option of clean boiled and aerated. That’s only in practice it turns out that it is not easy to get such.
Water has long been considered clean and suitable for drinking only after filtering. Do not hurt and boil it, if there are serious reasons to doubt the quality. However, after such manipulations, there will be almost no useful substances in the liquid, so it will be necessary to include pharmaceutical multivitamin preparations in the diet.
Bottled quality sometimes differs little from the water, so before choosing a particular brand, it is desirable to read reviews, to study the manufacturer’s website. If there are all certificates, tests and information about the sources, the product is suitable for diet.
A great option would be spring water or from a local artesian spring. You can cook and melt — scientists claim that it restored the natural structure, so that on the human body, it works extremely well.
Pure spring water is perfect for diet
As for the temperature, the ideal option — body temperature. This liquid will immediately join the digestive processes and begin to be absorbed by the cells, reducing the feeling of thirst and hunger. Since it is not always convenient to heat it, achieving the cherished figure of 36.6 °C, it is allowed to use water at room temperature.
Cold drinks are undesirable, as they quench thirst longer. The vessels of the walls of the stomach narrow, so moisture can not quickly enter the bloodstream. In addition, the cold liquid has a negative effect on digestion. Hot water, in turn, causes thermal irritation of the mucous membranes of the stomach and intestines, which prevents its absorption.
What products are combined diet
There is a misconception that when losing weight on the water, you can not limit yourself to food. In fact, a certain menu in the diet is not, but from the usual diet will have to exclude harmful and very high-calorie foods, as well as those after which you want to drink: pickles, marinades, smoked. If the excess weight is large, you have to give up fast carbohydrates, that is, flour and sweet.
Is it possible to replace water with other drinks
The answer to this question is clear: no, it is impossible. Tea, coffee, juices, fruit drinks, milk are solutions of various substances. Thus, the milk contains fat and protein, that is, it is already food, and it starts the digestion process with the release of enzymes. Fruit drinks and juices contain sugar, and this calories. And even unsweetened tea and coffee are composed of substances that cause thirst. To assimilate some components of such drinks, the body needs water, which it borrows from the intercellular fluid, that is, from itself, and this is a direct path to dehydration.
If you really really don’t like the taste of pure water, you can add a slice of lemon (orange), a piece of ginger root or a bit of mint. But without fanaticism!
If you do not want to drink tasteless liquid, you can add lemon, ginger or a little mint
Can I drink water to lose weight without dieting
The authors of some online publications argue that water helps to lose weight and without diet. This is partly true. If at least part of the daily drinks replaced with water, then by reducing calories and improving metabolism will build. However, quite a bit.
More obvious results will be achieved by those who regularly visit the gym. In this case, the role of water in the fight against excess weight will be indirect, but also important, because it takes part in adjusting the body to lose weight.
Menu for water diet for 3 days
This is a sample list, which can be adjusted if desired, observing the main condition: only high-quality useful products with a total caloric content of up to 1800 kcal are used.

Day 1
* Glass of water.
* After 20 minutes Breakfast: 2 slices of rye bread with hard cheese (70-80 g), boiled egg.
* Morning snack: a glass of water, and after 20 minutes — Apple, pear, peach or other seasonal fruit.
* Lunch: a glass of water, and in 20 minutes vegetable salad with cheese and 150 grams of boiled chicken fillet.
* Afternoon snack: water and fruit.
* Dinner: water and stewed vegetables (150 g) with boiled beef (100 g).
* A glass of water an hour and a half before bedtime.
Day 2
* Glass of water.
* After 20 minutes Breakfast: 2 rye toast, low-calorie cottage cheese (150 g).
* Morning snack: water and fruit.
* Lunch: a glass of water, vegetable salad, toast and 150 grams of boiled fish.
* Afternoon snack: water and fruit.
* Dinner: water, cabbage salad, boiled egg and rye toast with cheese (70-80 g).
* A glass of water an hour and a half before bedtime.
Day 3
* Glass of water.
* In 20 minutes Breakfast: 2 rye toast, green vegetable salad, boiled chicken fillet (150 gr).
* Morning snack: water and fruit.
* Lunch: a glass of water, a portion of vegetable soup, 100 grams of boiled chicken, toast.
* Afternoon snack: water and fruit.
* Dinner: water, stewed vegetables, steamed fish cutlet and toast.
* A glass of water an hour and a half before bedtime.
>Important! Sometimes a three-day diet is understood as a therapeutic fasting, during which you can drink only water and vitamins. Not every organism can cope with such a test, so it should be carried out only with the permission and under the supervision of a doctor.
Stewed vegetables-low-calorie side dish for diet
Menu for 7 days
The following are options for Breakfast, lunch and dinner to a fractional power. They can be arranged at its discretion, making a menu for each of the seven days. General diet conditions:
* morning and evening drink a glass of water;
* drink the same amount 20-30 minutes before each meal;
* repeat a glass of water 1-1,5 hours after a meal.
All water diets require in the morning to drink a glass of water 20 minutes before Breakfast
Menu option
* Breakfast: rye bread with cheese (70-80 g) and boiled egg; 100 g of low-calorie cottage cheese and rye toast; boiled chicken fillet (50 g), bread.
* First snack: fruit or 7-8 nuts (almonds, hazelnuts, cashews).
* Lunch: vegetable salad, 100 g boiled chicken, bread; salad of seaweed (200 g), boiled fish (150 g), bread; diet soup (with lean meat), bread.
* Second snack: fruit or 7-8 nuts.
* Dinner: 100 gr of boiled beef, 250 gr of stewed vegetables; vegetable salad, 2 boiled eggs, 50 gr of cheese, bread; steamed fish cutlet, stewed vegetables (100 gr), bread.
Water diet for 14 days
This program is longer, so it involves a number of additional recommendations for losing weight:
* it is best to arrange such a test in the summer: in the heat, the water evaporates actively through the skin, and this reduces the load on the kidneys;
* only heavy and harmful products are excluded from the diet, and high-calorie (primarily protein) can be left, otherwise there is a risk of losing weight at the expense of muscles;
* it is necessary to take vitamin and mineral complexes, especially for those who drink more than 3 liters of water per day;
* total caloric intake for women — 1800 kcal, for men-2000 kcal.
Water washes out of the body nutrients, so long-term water diets need to take vitamin and mineral supplements
In the diet with such a diet should be present dairy products, cereals, vegetables, nuts, dried fruits, vegetable oils, honey, boiled eggs, dietary meat, fish. The sample menu looks like this:
* in the morning-two glasses of water;
* Breakfast (after 20 minutes) : any usual dishes, except coffee, tea and other drinks;
* first snack: a glass of water, but you can drink a Cup of tea or coffee without sugar;
* after an hour and a half — a glass of water;
* lunch: any usual food without drinks.
* after an hour and a half — a glass of water;
* second snack: tea, coffee, juice, kefir or other drink to taste;
* after an hour and a half — another glass of water;
* dinner-any dish;
* an hour and a half before bedtime — a glass of drink (kefir, herbal tea, milk, juice or water).
Meal times can be any depending on the daily routine, but the intervals must be observed. If in the interval between Breakfast, lunch or dinner there is a feeling of hunger, it is allowed to eat something light, but first drink water.
Features of water diet
Famous TV presenter managed to say goodbye to almost ten extra pounds. Diet recipe she was offered by the doctor, and the results she shared with subscribers in social networks.
The nutritionist diagnosed her with dehydration and offered to drink 3 liters of water a day. At first, this idea did not like the presenter, but she decided to try and made sure that the doctor was right: she managed to lose weight without starvation and intense training.
Its scheme of water consumption is as follows: the first liter drinks before Breakfast, for 40 minutes. Should be after the “waterless” hour, and then before lunch she slowly drink another liter. Then again, an hour break, and then half a liter before dinner and the same-an hour after it.
As a result, according to the presenter, lost not only extra pounds, but also the craving for sweets. She noticed that she stopped often want to eat and now feels much more cheerful and energetic.
Side effect
Water diet is considered one of the safest, but without side effects is still not done. All of them are associated with excessive fluid consumption. No wonder doctors are advised not to believe everything they write on the Internet, and drink water, focusing on the approximate rate and a sense of thirst.
Important! If you can not drain the required number of glasses, it is better to delete this day from the diet and do not seek to “wholesale” catch up. Such water torture can result in intoxication and even death: there is a case when a thin woman did not have time to drink 4 liters of water a day and decided to do it in the evening, while watching a TV show. The result is sad — she died, despite the efforts of doctors.
Of course, cases like the one described above are rare, but the consumption of water in excess of the body’s needs threatens with the following problems:
* impaired renal function, there are swelling;
* increases the load on the cardiovascular system;
* weight loss slows down as excess water slows down fat oxidation;
* accelerated salt excretion, which leads to disruption of water-salt balance and malfunctions of all organs;
* calcium is washed. In particularly advanced cases, it causes cramps, joint pain.
If you do not drink a glass after a glass and do not sit for more than two weeks on a diet with an increased daily volume, the only side effect that you can face is the frequent urge to visit the restroom.
Conditions exit from diets
Any kind of water diet is also good because it is very easy to get out of it. Those who drank more than the daily rate, it is enough to go to the normal volume – it does not entail any negative consequences for the body. Everyone else can return to the diet of your favorite drinks, which had to be abandoned during the diet.
However, in both cases, it is desirable to continue at least a couple of times a day to replace the usual water tea or coffee, and drink in the morning and evening. This will keep the weight at the achieved level and will have a positive effect on metabolism, digestion and overall health.

So, any diet on the water-is primarily a way to improve metabolism. By itself, the liquid does not block calories, does not dissolve and does not remove fat, but adjusts the work of the organs responsible for metabolism. Thanks to these properties of water, you can lose a little weight, even without giving up the usual food, but if you combine drinking with proper nutrition and training, the result will be truly stunning.